Cadet Pay

U.S. Air Force Academy cadets earn $846 a month in basic pay. Cadet pay is disbursed by direct deposit to the cadet's personal checking account. 

Entering the Academy incurs a number of expenses. A holding account is established for cadets, and a portion of cadets' pay is transferred to these holding accounts to ensure funds are available to cover expenses. Charges for uniforms, computer, personal service, i.e. barber, linen, etc., and fees are deducted from this account. In addition, a government loan of $6,500 is advanced to all fourth-class cadets and credited to the held pay account. A 24-month payment plan is established to repay the loan and is deducted from the cadet pay. The held pay account is closed at the end of the third-class year.

In addition to basic pay, cadets earn $6.50 a day for basic allowance for subsistence when they are on authorized leave. The subsistence funds for cadets at the Academy are paid to the cadet dining facility, Mitchell Hall.

Each cadet withholds approximately $35 per month in federal income tax and pays $65 per month in Social Security tax. Cadets who claim legal residence in a state with state income tax have monthly deductions for withholding based on the respective state tax formulas. Taxes are included in the projected cadet payroll deductions.

(Current as of April 2009)