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Update and way ahead from CW

Class of 21, 22 & 23,

Greetings from USAFA! I hope you are all safe and have settled in at your homes away from USAFA during this challenging time. I want to assure you that we are all working hard to navigate the evolving situation and to provide you as much guidance as possible in a timely manner. Our world is changing daily, even hourly, we must all remain adaptable and flexible and accept that this will continue to mean more sacrifices to our everyday conveniences in life.

Please know that we will continue to pass information as it is solidified and trust we are always keeping your best interest in mind. Remember, this is a national emergency, your job is to stay healthy and keep up with all of your course work!

We are all working hard across the institution to transition learning to the virtual environment and ensure you are all prepared to resume classes on 25 March. Please note, there is work to be done prior to classes resuming to ensure you are all ready when we start….please read the Dean’s email and understand your requirements and the standards for attending class!

Below are some initial expectations as we move forward:
Let’s start with ensuring you read your emails (and your email boxes aren’t full)!

Accountability. Each of your squadrons have set up small groups to enable each Firstie to be accountable for the lower class cadets who departed USAFA. The Class of 2020 will begin reaching out to each of you today to ensure you are prepared for classes to resume. Additionally, I expect them to be your mentor/coach/leader/supervisor thru this process….I expect them to lead you which means being aware of any issues/challenges you are facing, talk to you about concerns, keep you up to date on what’s happening here, help you adjust, and get you any support you need while you are away. Additionally, your AOCs and AMTs will set up a battle-rhythm to communicate with each of you as well. If you are having issues at your current location that are inhibiting your ability to succeed, please talk to your AOC so we can help find the right answers on your way ahead.

Exercise precautions aggressively. First and foremost, be wise about your interactions. The SECDEF directed travel restrictions to the local area for all DOD. Cadets at USAFA are currently allowed to go to the grocery store and to take-out food establishments…they can no longer go to their sponsor’s homes or any other locations/domiciles in the Springs. You should take similar precautions to prevent contracting the virus and to help slow the spread. Also, the entire country is minimizing social gatherings – you also must do your part and be aggressive about social distancing.

Establish a new routine. Use some of your extra time to stay in shape, eat healthy and find creative ways to build your morale in a healthy manner. Academics are going to require additional effort, so dedicate the majority of your extra time to teaching yourself using your class materials. DF is working extremely hard to establish a new schedule and get the virtual system set up to ensure you have everything you need to be successful when school starts.

Be patient and flexible. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, there are a lot of unknowns and are goal is to navigate them and make the best decision we can with the information at hand to do what’s right for each of you. We won’t get it 100% right and communication will be critical, we are all in this together.

Finally…Remember, you are a cadet at the USAFA….we expect you to represent the institution and the Department of the Air Force in all you do!

We miss you all! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected, stay in shape, stay committed!

Remember, “a culture is strong when people work with each other, and for each other” – Simon Sinek