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Mission Essential Care Status for CDC and Youth Patrons

USAFA Child and Youth Program Families,

In efforts to minimize cross contamination and exposure of COVID -19. All USAFA Child and Youth programs will go to Mission Essential care only beginning March 18, 2020. As an option, if your family has other alternative care options available in the household (other family members for example), it may be prudent to exercise that option vice using the Child Development Center/School Age Care. In any case, we are here to support you and your family.

The following programs/activities will be suspended effective March 18, 2020:

  1. No Open Recreation activities at the Youth Center
  2. All parent involvement activities have been suspended until further notice
  3. No hourly care will be offered
  4. Onsite therapy will be suspended at the CDC or Youth Center.
  5. Give Parents A Break – until further notice

The USAFA Mission Elements have identified mission essential staff. These families will be notified with a confirmation of care starting March 18, 2020. USAFA Child and Youth Programs cannot accept any new enrollments at this time. If you have not received confirmation of care for either the CDC and or School Age Program, please work with your leadership and chain of command to determine if you’re a mission essential or not.

If you are deemed mission essential by another front range installation ( Peterson, Schriever, Ft. Carson) and USAFA is your child care provider please provide a memo (email will work to payal.mehta@us.af.mil ) from your commanding officer stating you are mission essential in support of COVID-19 efforts. This will secure mission essential care for your family

All CDC Mission Essential Care will be conducted at the CDC Main building. School Age Care will continue at the Youth Center.

If you have issues finding childcare off the installation, my staff are able to provide a list of local providers that may be able to assist. In addition, mil to mil and single military families may have to consider their family care plan if other child care options fail.

For those families not in mission essential status, any fees that have been charged will be credited towards future child care.

The Child and Youth Program staff appreciates your support in ensuring our staff are staying healthy. Taking this action ensures we have enough cleaning supplies on hand and healthy CDC workers to be able to provide care for children of mission essential for the long term.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact any of the facilities listed below.

CDC MAIN - 333-6779
CDC ANNEX – 333-4166
FCC OFFICE – 333-4993

Payal Mehta
Chief, Child and Youth Services Flight
United States Air Force Academy