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Athletic Update for the Class of 2020

Class of 2020,

Our team in AD wanted to give you several updates on the way forward for your athletic requirements for the remainder of Spring Semester. This information is current as of March 19, 2020, and is subject to change based on local conditions and Health Protection Condition (HPCON). Our expectation is for you to continue to stay active and focus on your fitness regardless of whether you have already completed your PE and fitness testing requirements. Daily activity helps relieve stress, contributes to overall wellness and it is a good habit to get into as you move into your role as officers. Getting outside and hiking, biking and/or running is a great way to work out and is low risk for coronavirus transmission. We have lots of great trails on base and I encourage you to get out and explore them. The weather is not great today, but it will be. I encourage you to be creative. There is a lot you can do with what you have.

Our AD staff has developed suggested workouts that you can complete in any location. Workouts include warm-up/cool-downs along with daily suggested exercise. The workouts will be posted to Blackboard “AD Workout of the Day” in the near future. Please reach out to your squadron RECONDO CICs for more information to these programs. The AD reconditioning staff is also available to assist you in developing workout plans based on your fitness goals.

Physical Education
Below is the Physical Education execution plan for the remainder of Spring Semester. We will start up primarily online PE classes on 25 March 2020 in line with DFs guidance and expectations regarding online courses.

Directions will be sent to you by COB this Friday, March 20, if you have an existing PE course requirement and what that entails.

PE COAs for remaining Class of 2020 Cadets, as of March 18, 2020 (primarily asynchronous PE online delivery via Blackboard (Bb), unless otherwise noted):

  1. Plan for those w/ remaining CORE PE grad requirements:
    1. Aquatics (PE 222 or 211) Meet w/ Ms. Anne Cutchin in-person 16-19 Mar to determine physical completion during remaining G-Go (individual cadets notified by Coach Cutchin)
    2. Combatives (PE 215 & 315):  Online solution for applicable portions per Mr. Dave Durnil, w/ potential for physical execution in future as allowed
  2. Plan for those w/ one remaining elective PE requirements:
    1. Final 0.5 credit earned via an online PE 499 Independent Exercise Study (via Blackboard), replaces current scheduled G or H-Go elective) OR…
    2. Final 0.5 credit for those cadets currently enrolled in PE 344 Yoga will be an online version of the Yoga course (via Blackboard)
  3. Plan for those w/ two remaining elective PE requirements
    1. One 0.5 credit via online PE 499 Independent Exercise Study (via Bb, replaces current scheduled elective) PLUS…
    2. One 0.5 credit via online PE 344 Yoga (via Bb)
  4. Plan for those w/ three remaining PE requirements, elective or core (~3 cadets):  Cadets will be contacted individually with plan to complete PE course requirements
  5. All remaining PE for Classes of 2021, 2022 & 2023 will be rescheduled for future semesters. 

Fitness Testing
The AF Fitness Assessment (AF FA) is a graduation/commissioning requirement (per AF policy). For first-class cadets that did not take the AF FA during the primary offering you will be notified this week to schedule your test for March 23-24. Those who are unable to test due to a short-term medical issue and those that did not pass will be scheduled to take the test on April 14. The FA will be conducted in small groups using applicable safety precautions. Report to the RECONDO weight room at your scheduled time for check-in and push-ups/sit-ups--the 1.5 mile run will be outside. Again, if you have not completed this requirement it is your responsibility to engage with our ADPT staff. If you earned a passing score no further action is required, congratulations. ADPT POC is Mr. Rob Koehler, robert.koehler@usafa.edu.

Spring Semester Make-up fitness tests (AFT/PFT) will be administered to the underclassmen at dates TBD after they return to USAFA.

Athletic Department Facilities
Hours of operation: Athletic Department facilities, including the CFC and pool, will remain open to cadets with adjusted hours:

  • Cadet Gym/Fitness hours 0600-2000, Monday – Friday; 0800-2000, Saturday – Sunday
  • Aquatics hours, 0700 – 1800, Monday-Friday; 1200 – 1700, Saturday – Sunday
  • FAC IC Weight room 0800-1700, Monday – Friday, CLOSED Saturday - Sunday

Authorized Users: 

  • Limited to cadets only with CAC access to the cadet gym/FAC
  • No DOD beneficiaries or escort of family members/friends
  • All AD facilities are CAC access only until further notice

Rules of Engagement:

  • Stay away from the gym if you are experiencing any symptoms (fever, cough, congestion, malaise, aches, chills, etc.)
  • Keep at least a 6-foot separation from other people, plus no contact or team sports with close contact or proximity such as basketball, volleyball, football, Ultimate Frisbee, wrestling, racquetball, etc.
  • Wipe down all equipment before & after use
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze (cough into bend of arm, into a tissue, etc.)
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol solution frequently
  • Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation
  • No more than 50 personnel in the CFC, IC weight room or pool at any one time (subject to change based on HHQ directives/restrictions)
  • Pool guidance: Shower before entering the pool and 1 person to a lane

It is paramount that these ROEs are followed or AD facilities will be forced to close. Please consider using the gym during less busy times, 0600-1100 and 1800-2000, to avoid having to wait for access.

With a max occupancies being enforced, please use this Google Doc to balance the demand on the facility. Each session will be maxed out at 45 minutes to keep things moving.

Uniform policy:
Cadets are authorized to spirit wear (Blue, black, gray, white, silver) for the week of 16-22 March. Cadets will follow the schedule of calls (SOC) UOD policies in the Cadet Standard once we return to normal SOCs week of March 23.

No Spring cadet wing intramurals
No Cadet Fitness Center Group Fitness Classes for the Spring Semester

If you have any questions regarding facility use please contact the CFC at 333-0600/1342.

Stay safe and keep moving.

Col Anderson
Permanent Professor and Head, Physical Education Dept
Director, AF Combatives Program Center of Excellence
US Air Force Academy, CO