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USAFA COVID-19 Community Letter #7

USAFA Community,

During this challenging time, our measure of success is the protection of our cadets and staff from the COVID-19 virus, and the successful graduation and commissioning of our USAFA Class of 2020. We have instituted numerous measures to minimize the risk of exposure due to activities here on base, but there remains significant risk to the staff and cadets from our ongoing exposure to the off-base community. To mitigate this risk, I have taken the additional protective measure of prohibiting cadet departure from the installation.

Social distancing and isolation are the recognized means to mitigate our risk factors and accomplish our objectives. Our risk comes from exposure to potential infections in social gatherings, and visits to stores and restaurants. I am asking you to make a commitment to social distancing and to limit your travel to only what is "mission essential". Limiting our off-base stops to only food and other essentials will help prevent infection and safeguard our teammates. Thank you for your support in protecting the health and safety of our entire USAFA community.

Very Respectfully,
Jay Silveria