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Superintendent Letter #11//Graduation Update

Team USAFA -

In response to the growing COVID crisis and keeping in mind our two priorities of health and graduation, we have made the decision to graduate the Class of 2020 on April 18.

This decision was made after much deliberation with our senior leader staff and the advice and consent of the SECAF, CSAF, and CSO. The updated estimates of force-wide COVID impact made this decision necessary.

While we are still working through many details both here and at the Pentagon, we do know that we can complete our academic and military requirements in time. We will also execute a ceremony planned by cadets and staff that will provide a meaningful transition from cadets to officers in our Air Force.

We have made herculean efforts thus far to graduate the class of 2020 and within a few weeks we will see this come to fruition. This wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s efforts – across all MEs and the staff – and I can’t thank you enough.

This decision was a joint effort and soon you’ll be receiving additional information from both the Commandant and Dean. Thank you for all of your help as we execute this plan.