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Institutional Assessment Division

The Institutional Assessment Division serves as the Academy's assessment team leader coordinating assessment efforts across Academy organizations and with college guidebook publishers (e.g., Dept. of Education, NCAA, Peterson's Guide, Barron's Profile).

Oversight for the division's assessment activity is provided by the Director of Operations and Research. The division manages the USAFA Survey Program which coordinates survey research and assessment activities across the Academy and administers the USAFA Assessment Board. In addition, we support requests from outside the Academy to conduct research on issues of interest to USAFA.

Survey Program

In early 1994, the Superintendent designated the Institutional Assessment Division (HQ USAFA/A9A) as the Office of Primary Responsibility for Academy surveys.

Survey program was established to standardize procedures, ensure that command staff are informed of ongoing survey and research efforts, monitor and minimize burden placed on cadets and other respondents, and facilitate the sharing of results.

The Survey Program provides guidance for:
  • The collection of attitude, opinion, preference, and intent data from cadet candidates, cadets, and permanent party personnel
  • Support of survey requests from external or non-USAFA individuals
  • Surveys involving information on USAFA cadet candidates or cadets conducted by USAFA faculty, staff or cadets
  • Exceptions to program requirements for surveys and cadet surveys conducted as part of an academic course
  • Voluntariness, protection of the identity of survey respondents, and release of survey research results
Survey Requests:
  • Those who seek approval to administer a survey must provide a copy of their instrument along with information specified in AFAI 38-501 USAFASUP, at least six weeks prior to administration to HQ USAFA/A5/8/9.
  • A5/8/9 will review the survey design and administration plan (or help develop if needed) and coordinate approval through appropriate departments/organizations.
  • To learn more about surveys, the AF Survey Program provides guidance in constructing and administering surveys.
  • Survey efforts should be linked to Superintendent's Focus Areas if possible with identified benefits to USAFA and a feedback plan to the survey respondents.
  • Once approved, A5/8/9 will issue a USAFA Survey Control Number (SCN).
  • Administration support and analysis assistance is available.
  • If you are interested in doing a survey, please take a minute to fill out our survey request form and email it to the survey administrator (below).
Questions about the Survey Program should be directed to:
Survey Administrator, (719) 333-6481


Institutional research and assessment activities performed by our offices help the Academy achieve its mission by providing much of the information necessary for assessing productivity and effectiveness. Major areas of responsibility for the office include the following:

  • Maintaining university data. A partial list of the types of data kept include the following: (1) enrollment, (2) student characteristics, (3) graduates, (4) retention and attrition rates and (5) graduation rates.
  • Managing the USAFA Survey Program.  This program provides institutional review and coordination for data collection efforts involving students, faculty, staff and support personnel working at the Academy.
  • Preparing studies and analysis. This includes one-time or recurring studies to provide information for policy and decision making. Frequent topics include retention and attrition issues, performance of graduates, impact of USAFA Preparatory School activities, and assessment of cadet character development.
  • Providing information to the Academy administration, faculty, and staff to assist in management decision making.
  • Responding to the information needs of students and other constituents.
  • Administer the Academy Institutional Review Board.
  • Completing numerous national surveys and questionnaires.  These questionnaires represent data regarding the Academy which are published in national publications such as Peterson's Guides, Barrons, Money Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, College and University Personnel, The College Board, Orchard House, American Association Of University Professors, and CGS/GRE Survey of Graduate Enrollment.
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  • Preparing Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS) reports. This includes numerous reports like the following: (1)Institutional Characteristics, (2) Completions/Degrees Conferred, (3) Faculty Salaries, (4) Occupationally Specific Enrollment, (5) Fall Enrollment, and (6) Employees.
  • Supporting external researchers. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment serves as the clearinghouse for external researchers wishing to utilize the Academy for research purposes. We can provide contact information for potential sponsors and can facilitate review of research protocols and data collection instruments for use at the Academy.

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