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Procedures to Obtain Resources and Survey Approval at USAFA

The Air Force has additional requirements for approval if the research 1) contains a survey, focus group or interview to obtain opinion, attitude or intention, and/or 2) uses resources of an organization including human subjects.  As is true for all military organizations, Commander approval is required to use the resources under their command.

1. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for obtaining all other approvals that are required and submitting them with the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Submission form for review. The HRPP will not review submissions until all necessary approvals have been obtained and submitted with the HRPP form to  usafa.irb@usafa.edu.

2. Research that involves obtaining attitude, opinion or intention data with a survey, interview or focus group must have a current USAFA Survey Control Number (SCN) issued by the USAFA Survey Control Officer, per AFI38-501 Air Force Survey Program and AFI38-501_USAFASUP. Contact information, usafa.a39@usafa.edu.

3. Research that requires archival USAFA data, such as admissions or academic data, requires a data agreement signed by the organization that will provide the data. To obtain data from Institutional Research (A9N), send an email request to usafa.a39@usafa.eduIf you will be sharing the data with non-USAFA researchers (such as researchers at a civilian university), you will need to de-identify the data prior to releasing it to them in order to ensure that Privacy Act data are not released.  HQ USAFA/A9N will review and approve your data de-identification plan as a part of the data request process. You may also request CAMIS data through CAMIS Help, camis.help@usafa.edu

4. If a study wishes to recruit cadets through the Dean of the Faculty (DF) Cadet Subject Pool, it must obtain approval from the Director of the Subject Pool, currently in DFBL, at 719.333.2514. If using the DF Cadet Subject Pool for recruitment, no other Commander approvals are required.  If not using the DF Cadet Subject Pool, but are using cadets in the classroom or during academic time, Dean of the Faculty (DF) Department Head signature on the protocol is sufficient.

5. Mission element commander approval is required for the following use of resources and can be obtained by contacting the appropriate persons below:
  • All sport teams, Athletic Department (AD) personnel, resources or facilities – 719.333.4008
  • Medical/dental personnel, records, resources or facilities – 10 MDG, 10 MSGS, 10 AMDS, 10 DS, 719.333.5967
  • Non-medical/dental 10 Air Base Wing (ABW) personnel, resources or facilities – 10 ABW, 719.333.1015
  • Airfield personnel, resources or facilities – 306 FTG, 719.333.3330
  • Cadets in the squadron (excluding academic time) or during military training including Basic Cadet Training (BCT), CW personnel, resources or facilities – CW,  719.333.3719
  • If you are a non-USAFA researcher, and wish to use cadets in the classroom or during academic time, and are not using the DF Cadet Subject Pool – you need approval from the Dean of the Faculty (DF) Department Head

    Basic Sciences Division
    Biology 719.333.2720
    Chemistry 719.333.2960
    Computer Science 719.333.3590
    Mathematical Sciences 719.333.4470
    Physics 719.333.3510

    Engineering Division
    Aeronautics 719.333.4010
    Astronautics 719.333.4110
    Civil & Environmental Engineering 719.333.3150
    Electrical Engineering 719.333.3190
    Engineering Mechanics 719.333.2531

    Humanities Division
    English & Fine Arts 719.333.2019
    Foreign Languages 719.333.3820
    History 719.333.3230
    Philosophy 719.333.4070

    Social Sciences Division
    Behavioral Sciences and Leadership 719.333.2514
    Economics and Geosciences 719.333.3080
    Law 719.333.3680
    Management 719.333.4130
    Military and Strategic Studies 719.333.3550
    Political Science 719.333.2270

    (g) Dean of Faculty personnel, resources or facilities - Associate Dean for Research, 719.333.4195

    (h) USAFA Preparatory School students, personnel, resources or facilities – PL, 719.333.2583

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