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Most Frequent Errors for Continuing or Final Reports

1. Not reading the instructions on the website for continuing or final reports.

2. Not answering all the questions on the Request to Continue or Close a Research Protocol form.

3. Using an old form.

4. Not signing the form.

5. Not dating the form.

6. Cutting and pasting from the previous continuing review report and failing to update as needed.

7. Not attaching a current Informed Consent Document (ICD).

8. Not including any publications/presentations resulting from the study during the reporting period.

9. Not being clear on your subject numbers. Not being specific in the number of subjects approved for the study, plus those added through amendments. Not breaking out the total number of subjects by those through the life of the study and those that participated during the current report period.

10. Using more subjects than the approved number without amending the protocol first. If you do this, the IRB may require that you destroy the data obtained from the subjects beyond the approved number.

11. Having more or fewer ICDs than the number of subjects that completed the research and not addressing the inconsistency.

12. Numerous errors both typographical and grammatical. Spell check is NOT ENOUGH.

13. Not writing out all acronyms before using the abbreviated form (e.g. write out Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership before using the abbreviation DFBL).

14. Making inquiries to HRPP Support Personnel that are incomplete or inappropriate. Inquiries must include the protocol title and number and must be from a named investigator.

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