Pride Month

06/09/2015 --

1. Throughout the year we honor diversity and inclusion by observing awareness months, and this month we’re celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month for June 2015. The Department of Defense’s theme for this year’s Pride Month event is "Leadership."

2. I applaud the leadership of our project officer, MSgt Debra Sheppard, and the committee members who have planned several events that recognize the opportunities for all Americans to reach their greatest potential. What makes our Air Force the world’s greatest Air Force and our Academy one of our nation’s premier institutions is the leadership we display to promote a culture of commitment and a climate of respect. I am proud of our Airmen and how we treat all cadets, Airmen and family members with dignity and respect. We are all brothers and sisters in this wonderful Air Force family. So, I celebrate with you the great diversity of our Air Force and the proud legacy LGBT Airmen have woven into the fabric of the profession of arms.

3. MSgt Sheppard will provide a calendar of events for this month’s special observance under separate cover.

4. Colonel Troy E Dunn, Commander, sends. TED

5. Internet release authorized.

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