Hispanic Heritage Month

09/21/2015 --

1. We recently kicked off our annual celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month which runs every year from September 15 to October 15. This month’s theme "Hispanic Americans: Energizing Our Nation’s Diversity" reminds us of the power we gain as a nation and in our Air Force when we embrace each other’s culture and ethnicity. One of our greatest assets is the diversity of our cadets, Airmen, and families and the variety of perspectives we gain from diversity and the benefits we receive from inclusion.

2. I applaud the leadership of our project officers, SSgt Mandy Cruz and SSgt Marshawn Walker, and the committee members who have planned several events to celebrate the Hispanic culture. I invite you to join us for our signature event with the Hispanic Heritage Luncheon on October 5th at the Arnold Hall Ballroom. The Hispanic Heritage Month committee will provide additional information regarding the luncheon and other planned events under separate cover.

3. Thank you for embracing diversity and inclusion of all Airmen which contribute to us being and remaining the world’s greatest Air Force.

4. Colonel Troy E Dunn, Commander, sends.

5. Internet release authorized.

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