Celebrating diversity: National American-Indian Heritage Month

November is American-Indian Heritage Month. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Bob Goode)

November is American-Indian Heritage Month. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Bob Goode)


November is National American-Indian Heritage Month and the Air Force Academy will host a variety of events to celebrate its diversity and the service and sacrifice of American-Indian Airmen. 


Beginning Nov. 1, we’ll spotlight literature from American-Indian authors at the Community Center Library; display American-Indian artifacts and art created by Kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Douglas Valley Elementary; and place cultural displays at the Barry H. Goldwater Visitor Center, Arnold Hall, the 10th Medical Group Clinic, the Community Center Library and Falcon Club.


National American Indian Heritage Month’s roots started growing in 1916, when the governor of New York instituted American Indian Day. Later, President George H. W. Bush officially recognized American-Indian contributions to the U.S. in November 1990.


American-Indians comprise the largest number of any ethnic population in the U.S. military. Join us as we honor and celebrate their legacy.


Today, as an NCO, I am inspired by the American-Indian's struggle to overcome the bigotry and seclusion that came close to erasing them from everyday life in the U.S. They have persevered against huge odds with small numbers and continue to invigorate our Air Force with their heritage, customs and history.


The American-Indian tribes, through their endeavors of greatness in the name of freedom, honor themselves and the U.S. we all serve and love.