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USAFA quick facts

Air Force Academy Mission
  • To educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation
About The Cadet Wing/Officer Development
  • The Cadet Wing consists of approximately 4,000 cadets
  • Cadets are organized into 40 squadrons and each squadron is comprised of approximately 100 cadets
  • Each cadets squadron is assigned one air officer commanding, typically a major or lieutenant colonel; and one academy military trainer, typically a master sergeant, as permanent-party leadership
  • The Academy assesses approximately 1,200 cadets each summer during Basic Cadet Training, a rigorous six-week program designed to transition basic cadets from civilian to military life
  • More than half of the Academy's faculty and staff are serving or have retired from military service. Their daily involvement expands the cadets' understanding of the Air Force and it's culture
  • Approximately 800-1,000 cadets graduate from the Academy each year, equating to an approximate graduation rate of 80 percent
  • Cadets must participate in an intercollegiate or intramural sport each semester
  • All cadets receive character development training through honor lessons, seminars and Cadet Wing events including the annual National Character and Leadership Symposium, the Falcon Heritage Forum and other leadership programs.
  • The Cadet Wing donates nearly 40,000 hours each year to support community service activities
  • Military training and leadership programs for Cadet Wing are led by cadets. These programs include basic military and field combat skills; expeditionary, survival and evasion Training; and Airmanship programs in space operations, cyber, unmanned aerial vehicles, powered flight, glider and free-fall parachute programs.
  • Commissioning Education is responsible for providing cadets with the first Professional Military Education of their careers. The CE instructors educate and train cadets to develop them into leaders and citizens of character. The CE division provides coordinated leadership and policy direction for CE instructors and students.

The Academy:

-- Is on 18,500 acres at an average of 7,000 feet above sea level

-- Hosts 1 million-plus visitors each year consisting of tourists, sports fans and family members •

-- As of 2018, has commissioned 50,689 new second lieutenants 

-- In the Class of 2018, 511 of 984 graduates were selected for rated career fields 

-- More than 737 USAFA graduates have attained the rank of general; approximately 131 are on active duty 

-- Averages 55 international students each year from 25 countries 

-- Ranks No. 2 in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering; No. 2 in High School Counselors; No. 3 in Top Public Schools; No. 5 in Undergrad Engineering 

-- Has produced 41 Rhodes scholars; 40 astronauts; 731 All-American Athletes

-- 25 percent, or 1,000 cadets, are intercollegiate athletes

-- The Academy has won nine conference championships in the last 2 seasons (5 in 15-16, 4 in 16-17), the best back-to-back run in school history 

-- The Academy has won 17 conference or national level “Coach of the Year” honors in the last 2 years

Current as of December 2018