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13 foreign cadets to graduate with USAFA Class of 2018


Thirteen foreign exchange cadets are scheduled to graduate May 23 with the Air Force Academy’s Class of 2018.

The foreign exchange cadets are from Gabon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Romania, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

“The exchange cadets attend the Academy for its four-year program and fall under the same rules and regulations as their U.S. counterparts,” said Lt. Col. Liz Orie, International Programs manager.

All Academy cadets graduate with bachelor degrees.

“Three foreign exchange cadets majored in aeronautical engineering and two majored in economics,” Orie said. “The other eight cadets majored in military and strategic studies, civil engineering, astronautical engineering, computer engineering, systems engineering, political science, general studies, and management.”

The exchange cadets will serve in their country’s military after graduation.