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ESOHCAMP auditors visit Academy

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- An external Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program team composed of government and contractor experts is slated to visit the Academy Sept. 14-18. 

The purpose of this event is to gauge how well the Academy complies with federal, state, local, Air Force and Department of Defense policy and regulations. 

Team members will be in contact with unit representatives early Sept. 14 to arrange a specific time and place for visits. Units should expect all 22 environmental, safety and occupational health protocols to be assessed. Additionally, the team will review how well the Environmental Management System is being implemented at the Academy. 

Although EMS is a relatively new term, it is a fresh look at our existing programs and how we incorporate continuous improvements. The ESOHCAMP team will ensure everyone has at least a basic understanding of EMS. EMS is a continuous improvement management system based on International Standards Organization 14000 to manage environmental risk. 

The three most significant environmental aspects at the Academy are: 

-- Hazardous Waste Management: maintain a small quantity generator status while minimizing risk and cost. 
-- Wastewater management: no permit violations; 
-- Spill management: assure compliance to reduce the risk of environmental damage. Remember to call 911 for any spill and contact your unit environmental coordinator if you have questions. 

By promoting the use of best management practices and a commitment to continuous improvement in order to minimize or eliminate adverse impacts to the environment, the Academy protects its community. 

"Over the past year, we've all worked extremely hard in preparing for this external ESOHCAMP with our sights set on an outstanding result," said Col. Rick LoCastro, 10th Air Base Wing commander. "Units have been busy preparing their work centers and polishing up their programs. The lead organizations (10th Civil Engineer Squadron, Safety and Occupational Health) have been busy performing Staff Assistance Visits and verifying all previous ESOHCAMP findings are closed.
"Although the ESOHCAMP is technically not an 'inspection,' it's a report card of all our installation Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Compliance programs. It's time for all of Team USAFA to shine once more, and we need everyone's corporation to ensure a successful result," Colonel LoCastro added.

For information on all things Academy environmental the Academy Environmental Policy can be found at http://www.usafa.edu/10abw/10msg/ce/ces/cev. The Academy Environmental policy describes our commitment to cleaning up environmental damage resulting from past activities; meeting all environmental standards applicable to its present operations; planning future activities to minimize environmental impacts; managing responsibly the irreplaceable natural and cultural resources held in public trust, and eliminating pollution from activities wherever possible. 

Conformance with this environmental policy is the responsibility of all personnel at the Academy. If you have any questions contact your unit environmental coordinator or Safety representative. You may also call Kelly Stone at 719-333-6455 if you have specific questions concerning the visit.

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