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  • Soaring program gives cadets wings

    People know that the sport Cadet 2nd Class Charlie Meyer and Cadet 1st Class Justin Lennon participate in looks cool. But few of them have any idea what makes one cool-looking performance better than another and what the Air Force Academy team accomplished this past season.So Cadet Meyer and Cadet Lennon, members of the glider aerobatic team,
  • Santa's new address: No. 1 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole

    The city of North Pole, Alaska, with the assistance of the North Pole Economic Development Corporation, has erected a permanent candy cane marker designating "No. 1 Santa Claus Lane" as the address to which letters to Santa should be addressed.The recent installation of the candy cane marker, along with policy changes, have ended those privacy
  • 'In the Stairwell' performs live on local TV

    Cadet singers with the cadet a cappella group "In the Stairwell" performed live for all Southern Colorado today, with an appearance on KKTV's mid-morning news program.This is the second year that In the Stairwell, an unofficial cadet club that performs in the local community, has appeared on live television. The cadets performed a 'mash-up' mix
  • 13 cadets conquer Alcatraz swim

    A group of 13 cadets swam from Alcatraz to the San Francisco mainland Sept. 26 in hopes of creating an open-water swimming club at the Academy.Completing the swim were Cadets 2nd Class Daniel Nelson and Rachel Reeder, Cadets 3rd Class Nick Adagio, Monica Bray, Corey Davis, Ryan Hogan, Connor Niebrugge, Kelsey Pilcher and Michael Wong and Cadets 4th
  • 'I am Ironman': Academy AOC picked for top triathlon

    Forget about who's crazy enough to participate in a triathlon, who was crazy enough to come up with the over-the-top race in the first place? That's right, a Navy man.In 1978, following a running race around the Hawaiian island of Oahu, participants were sitting around arguing about who were the best overall athletes: swimmers, runners, or
  • Memorial service honors fallen cadet

    As the shock over Cadet 1st Class Marc Henning's death subsides, the Air Force Academy and Cadet Henning's family want the entire cadet wing to know that they're all in this together.The words spoken and images displayed during a memorial service Tuesday in the Protestant Chapel coalesced into a moving tribute for the former executive officer of
  • Front Range bases to honor retirees

    Sir Isaac Newton told a fellow scientist in a letter that if he could see farther, it's because he was "standing on the shoulders of giants."Organizers of the Retiree Appreciation Day, scheduled for July 24 in Arnold Hall here, know what Newton had in mind. Like him, they say, they also stand on the shoulders of giants. And the organizers want
  • Board of Visitors members gain perspectives on Airmanship

    Retired Col. Sue Ross and a cadet pilot soared through the blue skies above the Air Force Academy Saturday, practicing stall avoidance maneuvers and pulling Gs with only the sound of the wind against their glider to accompany them. Elsewhere, A.J. Scribante and a tandem jumper stepped out of a UV-18 Twin Otter aircraft and hurtled toward the ground
  • Cadets rescue injured hiker on Pikes Peak

    When two cadets from the Air Force Academy decided to hike Pikes Peak July 17, "become heroes" was not on the itinerary. But by the time they reached the 14,110-foot summit -- carrying a hiker who had broken her foot two miles from the top -- they had at least one person's heartfelt gratitude.Cadets 1st Class Stephen Shaffer from Cadet Squadron 12
  • Academy Band brings 'Music to the Meadows'

    After a seasonal Colorado afternoon thunderstorm, menacing clouds yielded to a bright sun that brought droves of concert patrons to listen to the Air Force Academy Band perform a free concert here July 21. Attracting approximately 1,100 people, the event kicked off Castle Rock's 2010 "Music in the Meadows" concert series and dished up a wide