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  • Cadets hold 'awesome' Scout aviation workshop

    Temperatures here never climbed above 10 degrees Dec. 7, but that didn't matter to young Cameron Baker, one of several Boy Scouts who attended an aviation workshop put together by cadets in Cadet Squadron 17.While most people remarked that it was cold outside, Baker "came back in and said it was awesome," his mother, Marge Baker, wrote in an email
  • Welsh focuses on pride, people, respect during Academy visit

    Air Force Academy cadets get so fired-up about their chief of staff they show up 15 minutes early and sit in the front row of Arnold Hall -- voluntarily.When Gen. Mark A Welsh III comes to talk, "people want to sit up front," said one cadet, who, with a group of friends from Cadet Squadron 22, turned the front row into Raptor Row.When Welsh stepped
  • Final clause in cadet Honor Oath made optional

    After reviewing the Cadet Honor Oath, and in the spirit of determining a way ahead that enables all to be true to their beliefs, the Air Force's Academy has decided to make the final clause optional."Here at the Academy, we work to build a culture of dignity and respect, and that respect includes the ability of our cadets, Airmen and civilian
  • Academy's Uniform Board to discuss uniform changes

    The Academy's Uniform Board is set to meet next month, where they plan to discuss changes to uniform wear for the entire Cadet Wing. Meeting twice a year, the Uniform Board addresses concerns from cadets about uniform wear and recommends changes based off of their input. "The board is truly an (Academy-wide) integrated and collaborative process,"
  • UAS program launches cadet leadership opportunities

    Two Academy juniors will break ground for future cadets, leading and instructing Defense Department combat equipment on Academy soil.Cadets 2nd Class Cori Easter and Jacob Seabury will be the first cadet Small Unmanned Aircraft System Instructors and Evaluators in the Academy's UAS Airmanship program, allowing cadets to grow as leaders and aviators
  • Cadet candidate wins award

    Prep School Cadet Candidate Ryan Kelly was recognized as a 2013 Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated Military Award recipient for the Airmen category Sept. 26 during a Commander's Call at the Prep School.Academy Preparatory School Commander Col. Kabrena Rodda and Franklin Macon, a local Tuskegee Airman, presented the annual, Air Force-wide award to Kelly
  • Supreme Court justice holds court at the Academy

    U.S. Supreme Court associate justice Sonia Sotomayor held an open forum for approximately 50 cadets and 20 faculty members from the Academy's Law and Political Science Departments Thursday afternoon to share her experiences and field questions about life as a justice on the nation's highest court."The law, especially when you're practicing and a
  • Academy cadets learn to operate small unmanned aircraft

    Eleven U.S. Air Force Academy cadets learned to operate RQ-11B Raven small unmanned aircraft systems during an initial qualification training course at Choctaw Airfield, Fla., June 3-14.The RQ-11B Raven is a lightweight and low-altitude, remotely piloted system that provides real-time imagery. Similar in size and shape to a baseball bat, Ravens are
  • Raptors 'three-peat' as Academy's outstanding squadron

    Cadet Squadron 22's Raptors have upheld their reputation as being nothing less than outstanding.This year the squadron won Outstanding Squadron of the Year for a third consecutive year for outstanding achievements in the academic, military performance and athletic areas. CS 22 took first in the athletic and military categories and has occupied the
  • AF secretary to Class of 2013: Next chapter of your story begins today

    A total of 1,024 cadets graduated from the Air Force Academy today following a commencement address by Secretary of the Air Force Mike Donley.Donley congratulated the graduates on overcoming the stringent physical and mental challenges they faced through their four-year Academy experiences."Getting into the Academy is a highly competitive and