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  • Cadets observe Hindu religious holiday

    A group of 10 cadets and 20 other guests attended a Hindu service in the Cadet Chapel's multipurpose room Sept. 21 to honor one of the major gods of the Hindu pantheon, marking the first Hindu service in the Cadet Chapel in recent memory.The Academy chaplain's office provided support for the event, which was led by Hindu priests with the Sri
  • Academy to observe Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month is more than a cause for celebration; it is an opportunity to grow.The theme of this month's cultural observance is "Diversity United - Building America's Future Today," and the members of Hispanic Heritage committee have invited everyone to partake in the events."We want cadets, who graduate as leaders of character, to be
  • Academy holds panel honoring women's suffrage

    A Colorado state representative, the state's League of Women Voters president and the co-founder of a political polling firm came to the Air Force Academy on Monday to discuss the importance of women's suffrage and the need for informed voters as election season approaches.The panel, comprising Colorado Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Denver), Catherine
  • Academy releases survey results

    The Air Force Manpower Agency recently completed an Air Force Academy climate survey for all cadets and permanent party at the Air Force Academy.While participation numbers for this survey were lower than in years past, Academy leadership will use the results with other surveys and performance data to capture a realistic view of the Academy's
  • Mentoring program aims to encourage diversity

    Twenty-six Academy employees attended a coach mentoring core course on Monday as part of the 2012 Academy Mentoring Program to achieve personal and professional growth, network across the Academy and exchange knowledge and expertise with others.Faculty and staff consisting of civilians, officers and enlisted individuals participated in interactive
  • Ambassadors, leaders: 11 cadets chosen for new diversity initiative

    Academy cadets will experience national and organizational diversity in an authentic way this summer.Eleven cadets will travel to six different countries with the new Ambassadors of Inclusion program and work for top organizations, to learn cultural adaptation, self-awareness and fundamental competencies to prepare them for their careers in the Air
  • Visiting monk speaks about generosity of wealth, spirit

    A Tibetan Buddhist monk visiting from India spoke to an audience of about 75 people in Arnold Hall here Monday on an invitation by the Academy's Cadet Interfaith Council.The presentation was part of a continuing program set up by the Cadet Interfaith Council and Academy chaplains to give cadets chances to learn and grow from regular interactions
  • Academy builds vision for women's mentoring

    Women across the Air Force Academy joined forces at the Milazzo Center Nov. 29 to develop a vision for a women's mentoring program based loosely on an existing program in Colorado Springs.The purpose of the two-hour meeting was to present ideas on how a women's mentoring program could best meet the needs of the Academy's community, said Dr. Adis
  • AF leaders issue letter to Airmen on diversity

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy issued a letter to Airmen Oct. 14 regarding the importance of diversity in today's Air Force.Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould encouraged the Academy's faculty and staff Nov. 1 to read the letter, which
  • Academy experts discuss effects of DADT repeal

    A panel of experts at the Air Force Academy held a lunchtime question-and-answer session in early October to discuss the ramifications of repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for the Academy and the greater Air Force.On the panel were Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Adis Vila, Academy Chaplain (Col.) Robert Bruno, judge advocate officer Lt. Col. Karen