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Alumni Information

image of alumni at a baseball game
The Alumni Programs Division works to build strong and lasting relationships with Air Force Academy graduates and cadets. With this in mind, our primary focus is on serving graduates and cadets in ways that will strengthen their ties to the Academy and create mutually beneficial relationships.

By fostering these relationships with the graduate community -- strengthening ties, providing information on Academy needs, and creating a sense of family, we enhance the Academy's ability to develop and inspire air and space leaders with vision for tomorrow.

Working closely with our AOG, we educate and inform alumni and cadets on the events, activities, and needs of the Academy to build a strong rapport and sense of family within the graduate community. Some of the support we provide:

  • Academy liaison to AOG
  • Address alumni questions and concerns
  • Conduit to provide alumni viewpoints to Academy staff
  • Assist class reunion planning and execution and coordinate Academy support
  • Coordinate new appointee inprocessing
  • Administer Jabara Award for Airmanship
  • Assist AOG with annual Academy Founders' Day planning and execution


Our aim is to build a strong relationship with graduates and cadets by being responsive to their needs and concerns. We are here to serve the graduate community and Cadet Wing. We want your ideas and feedback. Together, we improve our Academy's ability to produce the world's best Air Force officers.