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Fact Sheets

  • AFPC PCS Entitlements FAQ

    Refer to this Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet for information related to Permanent Changes of Station.

  • Athletic Update for Classes of '22, '23

    Our team in AD wanted to give you several updates on the way forward for your athletic requirements for the remainder of Spring Semester and moving forward. This information is current as of March 18, 2020, and is subject to change based on local conditions and Health Protection Condition (HPCON).

  • 10th Medical Group

    The 10th Medical Group at the U.S. Air Force Academy provides healthcare services to 65,000 beneficiaries, including support to the 4,000-member Cadet Wing. The group's primary goals are to ensure wartime readiness and optimize the health and wellness of our current and future air and space leaders.

  • Air Force Academy history

    The U.S Air Force Academy was established April 1, 1954, the culmination of an idea years in the making. Airpower leaders, long before the Air Force was a separate service, argued that they needed a school dedicated to war in the air, to train Airmen. After September 1947, when the Air Force was

  • Cadet Chapel

    Editor's note: A four-year renovation project on the Cadet Chapel began in late 2019 and was expected to close the chapel until 2023. However, discovery to the extent of asbestos has pushed the expected completion to 2027. Religious service held at the chapel will be moved to other locations

  • Athletics

    Few schools in the country have an athletic program as extensive as the Air Force Academy.The athletic program enhances the physical conditioning of all cadets, develops the physical skills necessary for officership, teaches leadership in a competitive environment and builds character. There are

  • Flight Operations

    The Air Force Academy offers a variety of flying programs under the direction of Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, in coordination with the Academy's commandant of cadets. These programs are a vital to each cadet's course of study as they provide a series of

  • 10th Air Base Wing

    MISSION The 10th Air Base Wing is the host wing for the Air Force Academy and provides quality support to enhance the education and development of more than 4,000 future Air Force leaders. The 10th ABW is also responsible for medical, engineering, logistics, communications, personnel, services,

  • U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School

    The U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School was established in May 1961. It is located on the Academy grounds about four miles from the cadet area.The prep school's mission is to motivate, prepare, and evaluate selected candidates in an academic, military, moral, and physical environment, to

  • FalconSAT Program

    The U.S. Air Force Academy FalconSAT program provides cadets an opportunity to design, analyze, build, test and operate small satellites to conduct Department of Defense space missions. FalconSAT research is conducted within the Academy's Space Systems Research Center. The SSRC coordinates research