USAFA Recycles

Map of recycling centers at the U.S. Air Force Academy

What CAN be recycled at USAFA
• Clean aluminum cans (can have residue but make sure no liquid is left)
• Clean glass (can have residue but make sure no liquid is left)
• Clean cardboard (collapse the cardboard and place behind the recycling bin if inside or in the separate bin for cardboard if outside)
• Clean plastics (1-7)

What CANNOT be recycled at the Academy?
• NO Plastic bags, trash bags
• NO Food stained items (for example, greasy pizza boxes)
• NO Green waste (lawn clippings, leaves, branches)
• NO Plastic sheeting or tarps
• NO Electronics
• NO Hazardous materials
• NO Styrofoam (including dissolving styrofoam)
• NO PVC pipe
• NO Glass bottles
• NO Aluminum foil
• NO Paper coffee cups (or lids)

If there is anything you wish to recycle that is not listed here (for exanmple : electronics, mattresses and porcelain items) search the
Fort Carson recycling website
Recycling Centers on Base
The installation’s main drop-off Recycling Center is located at the Community Center. Cardboard, aluminum, scrap metal, paper, plastic/single stream, and glass are collected at the Recycling Center. The material is transported off-site for sorting and recycling. Any bin marked “Mixed” accepts CLEAN paper, plastic/single stream, aluminum, and glass.
For questions concerning recycling at the Academy, write to:

Interactive Recycling Map

Cardboard recycling poster
Cardboard Recycling

Mixed recycling poster
Mixed Recycling