Directorate of Strategic Plans and Programs, Requirements, Assessments and Analyses

The Air Force Academy's Directorate of Strategic Plans and Programs, Requirements, Assessments and Analyses serves the superintendent by supporting component mission element commanders, including the commandant, dean of faculty, Athletic Department, Prep School, the 10th Air Base Wing, the 306th Flying Training Group and other tenants. Broadly, the directorate supports commanders by developing institutional policy, plans and assessment strategies to enhance mission success.

Requirements Division

The Requirements Division is the Academy’s focal point identifying and refining mission requirements and capability gaps by examining and balancing needs and against institutional priorities and resources. The division looks toward the future for predicted requirements and new initiatives across the Academy. The division chairs the Requirements Oversight Committee (ROC) which validates, resources and integrates programs and activities across USAFA lines of operation before they enter the USAFA Corporate Structure for prioritization and approval.

Strategic Plans and Programs Division

This division supports Academy strategic planning, plans management, and Higher Headquarters (HHQ) initiatives. It manages USAFA's corporate process, monitors and implements the USAFA Strategic Planning Process and maintains associated documents and records, The division ensures USAFA’s HQ, Cadet Wing, Department of Faculty, Athletic Department, Preparatory School and Air Base Wing plans are current and coordinates on all USAFA and USAFA-related Air Force Instructions. The office also manages the USAFA Program Objective Memorandum (POM) five‑year future budget.

Gift Funds Division

The Gifts Funds Management Division is responsible for ensuing gifts are officially accepted by the Academy and is responsible for gift funds deposits, disbursements, and stewardship. The division is also the USAF Academy Memorial Board secretariat, which is the principal advisory body to the Superintendent for all aspects of memorialization at the USAF Academy and the division also maintains the Academy's Gift Opportunities List.

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