USAFA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Information


In accordance with FAA UAS NOTAM FDC 7/7282, all sUAS flight operations, including Public, Civil, and Model Aircraft, are prohibited within the airspace over select national security sensitive facilities, surface to 400’ above the ground, except as provided for below. This includes the physical boundaries of the United States Air Force Academy and Bullseye Auxiliary Field (~32 miles SE of Academy Airfield). The complete list of selected facilities, definitions of the associated airspace in which UAS operations are prohibited, designated facility contacts, and an interactive map of restrictions over USAFA are located at UAS operations are authorized within the defined Special Security Instructions (SSI) airspace if in compliance with the following requirements:

1) The UAS flight operation has been pre-approved by the designated-facility contact based on criteria established by the sponsoring federal agency in coordination with the FAA; or

2) If the UAS operation is conducted in direct support of an active national defense, homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, or disaster response mission, and prior notification has been provided to the designated facility contact; or

3) If the UAS flight operation is conducted in direct support of a significant and urgent governmental interest and is approved by the FAA's System Operations Support Center (SOSC) in advance of entering the defined SSI airspace; and

4) The UAS flight operation complies with all other applicable federal aviation regulations

 Operators who do not comply with FAA UAS NOTAM FDC 7/7282 may incur criminal charges under 49 USC 46307.

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Rules for sUAS "drone" Use