Our Mission

Safety Office LogoThe Air Force Academy Safety Office provides advice and guidance to the Academy superintendent, subordinate commanders, and directors on all safety issues and concerns including mishap prevention, hazard identification and risk mitigation.
The Safety Office staff manages the Academy's occupational and explosives safety programs, safety policies and procedures, accident investigations, incidents and hazardous conditions, and coordinates with Air Education Training Command through the 306th Flying Training Group to manage the Academy's Flight Safety Program.
The Safety Office assists Unit Safety Representatives in managing unit program activities, conduct annual and specialized safety surveys, and analyzes accident causes and trends.
The Safety Office staff provides safety training to include traffic-safety education and safety surveillance for institutional Academy events, such as Parents' Weekend, cadet graduation ceremonies and in-processing, and cadet summer training programs.

United States Air Force Academy Safety Office

Traffic Safety on Base:

  • - Motor Vehicle Safety

    • As you approach the gates, you will see a status board. A green arrow indicates that lane ahead lane is open for I.D. check. A red "X" indicates lane is closed for I.D. check.

    • DO NOT cross double white solid lines on base.

    • After entering USAFA, be cognizant of Pop-Up Barriers, and the Barrier Signal lights.

    • While driving on USAFA grounds, the use of hand-held cell phones is PROHIBITED (hands free phone calls are permitted.)

    • PLEASE pay attention when backing vehicles since this is the primary reason for accidents on base.

    • USAFA provides acceleration lanes for merging into traffic - please use to merge safely into high-speed traffic.


    • We have 2 school zones on USAFA - if you speed <=25 mph in a school zone then fines will be doubled. If you speed >25 mph then you will be summoned to court.

    • Speed limits are strictly enforced and traffic violations may require appearance in a federal magistrate court.

Safety Office Contacts

Location: 8110 Security Drive,
USAF Academy, CO 80841
Phone: (719) 333-3205
E-Mail: USAFA.SEG@usafa.edu

USAFA/SE: 333-3205
(Director of Safety)

USAFA/SEO: 333-6500
(Operations Safety)

USAFA/SEG: 333-3205
(Occupational Safety)

USAFA/SEW: 333-6536
(Explosives/ Weapons Safety)

See a Hazard – Report it!

  • Report hazards to the responsible supervisor or local agency. If the hazard is eliminated on the spot, no further action is required unless it applies to other similar operations or to other units or agencies.
  • If the hazard presents imminent danger, the supervisor or individual responsible for that area must take immediate action to correct the situation or apply interim control measures.
  • If the functional supervisor is not known, report hazards that can’t be corrected immediately to the USAFA Safety Office. This may be done with an AF Form 457, by telephone 333-3205, through email at USAFA.SEG@usafa.edu or in person. You may submit reports anonymously.