Prep School students judge elementary school science projects


Air Force Academy Preparatory School cadet candidates judged 100 science fair projects Nov. 18 at Pioneer Elementary School in Colorado Springs.  


According to Cadet Candidate Julio Rosales, the students presented their projects to the cadet candidates, who asked questions about the scientific process and how it relates to their experiment.

“My favorite part of the experience was seeing the effort each student put into their project,” Rosales said. “Seeing young students learn about the merits of scientific experimentation really inspires me. It's an honor to see future scientists in the making."

The candidates said they were impressed with the amount of research the students did to prepare for the fair.


“My favorite project was the one about turning milk into plastic, said Cadet Candidate William Winstead. “I was impressed with the research he did before beginning his project, as well as in his preparation for presenting the experiment."

The science fair is one part of a larger program designed to attract young minds in the community and increase their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Prep School instructor 1st Lt. Matthias Born, said the fair was full of creativity and fresh perspectives from the children. The candidates did an amazing job of encouraging the students, relating to them, and showing them the value of science, she said.


“The Prep School has an active outreach program to [Kindergarten through 12th grade schools in the local community, where candidates dedicate their time to help educate younger minds and promote the Academy within the Colorado Springs area,” Born said. “These kids are the future, and our goal is to open up their hearts and minds to the wonders of discovering the natural world.”