Grads react to CIC victory

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo -- For the first time in eight years, the U.S. Air Force Academy claims ownership of the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy, a symbol of military academy football supremacy.

Capts. Joel Buelow and Nathan Olsen were both seniors on the Academy's 2002 CIC winning football team and they shared their thoughts on the 2010 victory.

"It is great to see the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy is back in the hands of the Air Force Academy," Captain Olsen said. "The victory is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and players."

"I was elated watching the game to see the Falcons bring the title back to its rightful home," Captain Buelow added.

With their victory in 2002, Air Force secured their sixth straight CIC trophy. This legacy was not lost on the seniors who played that year.

"It was a pride instilled in all of us from the day we arrived as part of the Falcon football program," Captain Buelow said. "It was always our number one goal, BEAT ARMY, SINK NAVY."

This year's team did just that. Air Force beat Navy 14-6 on Oct. 2at home in Falcon Stadium. On Nov. 6, Air Force traveled to West Point Saturday to take on Army and came away with at 42-22 victory.

Air Force will receive the 2010 CIC Trophy from President Barack Obama in the spring in a White House ceremony.

"What an honor it will be for those seniors who will travel to the White House and receive the CIC trophy from the President," Captain Buelow said. "That is definitely one of my fondest memories as a Falcon."

Captain Olsen agreed that going to the White House was one of his best memories and he hopes this victory will inspire the team to start a new Academy winning streak.

"Now that the underclassmen know how it feels to have the trophy in their possession it is important to do all they can to never let it go," Captain Olsen commented.

Capts. Joel Buelow and Nathan Olsen are 2003 graduates from the USAF Academy. Captain Buelow currently serves in the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron at McChord Air Force Base. Captain Olsen is stationed at Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base.