Units combine to promote efficiency

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- The 10th Services Division and 10th Mission Support Squadron merged Wednesday forming what is now known as the 10th Force Support Squadron.

Officials say the new alignment is a result of functional area mergers of mission support and services squadrons Air Force-wide, and is expected to be completed by 2010.

"Because we're a leaner force, we need to focus on getting our people and organizations operating at maximum efficiency," said 10th FSS Director Gary
Garland. "This reorganization puts the Academy's military and civilian personnel and services capabilities under one leadership hat, which reduces overhead and gives our people the flexibility to be more responsive to our customers' needs."

The reorganization is intended to be relatively seamless to customers, however any future significant changes will be widely publicized, officials say.

The new FSS includes six flights: Force Development, Personnel Services,
Airman and Family Services, Sustainment Services, Community Services, and
Cadet Support. The new structure also combines similar functional areas that have historically worked closely together. 

Six test bases helped guide where specific responsibilities and processes will be placed within the organizational structure and how they will operate. The goals of the new squadron are to streamline processes, maximize customer service and cut costs associated with maintaining two separate organizations.

"Most importantly, we hope to reap the benefits of a newfound synergy created by this merger," Mr. Garland said.