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Caring for Cadets

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Default Air Force Logo Academy lauded for quick accountability
The Air Force Academy established accountability for nine personnel running in the Boston Marathon within four hours of the bombing Monday at approximately 3 p.m. Eastern Time.Accounted for and safe were Julie Henner, Capts. Stephanie Silva, Jeffrey Hannon, Derek Portlock and Charlotte Portlock, Cadets 1st Class Ilma Calite, Zach Marx and Loring
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Master Sgt. Jesse Chervinka and Jessie Rhom help a cadet process an Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing, or e-QIP, form in the Foreign Language Lab here Jan. 12, 2013. Information Protection Directorate officials process between 650 and 700 cadet applications for top-secret clearance annually. Chervinka is the Academy military training NCO for Cadet Squadron 31. Rhom is the IP Directorate's personnel security chief. (U.S. Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan) Caring for Cadets: Info Protection Directorate offers training, streamlined clearance process
The Information Protection Directorate here held briefings Saturday to help two-thirds of the Academy's seniors complete forms required for Office of Personnel Management top-secret clearance investigations, which the cadets will need for their careers after they graduate.The briefings aim to familiarize cadets with the importance of protecting
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