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Veteran Affairs undersecretary and NCLS closing speaker Allison Hickey chats with cadet speaker escorts Feb. 27, 2015, during the Academy’s 22nd annual National Character and Leadership Symposium. Hickey is a 1980 Academy graduate and served 27 years in the Air Force, reaching the rank of brigadier general before retiring in 2007. (U.S. Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan) NCLS 2015 closes out: VA undersecretary says cadets should ‘embrace the uncomfortable’
This year's Academy Character and Leadership Award recipient closed the two-day symposium, featuring 50 discussion panels and speakers, with a frank message on engaging with rather than fleeing from life's uncomfortable moments.Allison Hickey, a 1980 Academy graduate, and the Under Secretary for Benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs, told
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John Dau chats with cadets after his 2015 National Character and Leadership presentation Feb. 27, 2015 in Arnold Hall. Dau, 41, was one of thousands of Sudanese "Lost Boys," refugees who marched more than a thousand miles to safety after the Republic of South Sudan collapsed. Dau encouraged cadets to never give up in the face of any obstacle. (U.S. Air Force photo/Ray Bowden)
‘Never give up:' Former ‘Lost Boy’ speaks to cadets at NCLS
John Dau wasn't like most speakers at the 2015 National Character and Leadership Symposium here Feb. 27.The tall Sudanese-born Dau, 41, was a "Lost Boy," a title no other NCLS speaker could hold, and the name given to the thousands of young Sudanese men who walked more than 1,000 miles from Ethiopia to Kenya after fleeing the Republic of South
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The first females to compete in the Academy's annual boxing competition,
this year Feb. 19, 2015, at the Wing Open.  Left to right: Master Sgt. Sarah Allen
(women's boxing club assistant coach), C4C Victoria Rodriguez, C4C Aubrey
Lowe, C1C Hope Stremcha, C2C Kassie Prusko, C2C Sarenna Ortiz, C3C Bridgett
Wall, C3C Heather Parcasio and Master Sgt. Debra Sheppard (women's boxing
club head coach). (U.S. Air Force photo/Liz Copan) New boxing club allows female cadets to excel in the ring
Since the fall, female Falcons here have been practicing their fighting skills six days a week to increase their confidence, stamina and dominate competition.For the first time in Academy history, a female boxing club was created here in August to allow women to compete in the male-dominated sport. About 20 cadets attend practice regularly and
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Cadet 3rd Class Young Wu  has maintained a 4.0 GPA while majoring in aeronautics and mathematics. He conducts independent research at the Academy normally reserved for firsties. (U.S. Air Force photo/Amy Gillentine)  Sophomore cadet takes on senior-level research
Cadet 3rd Class Young Wu isn't like other sophomores. Not only has he maintained a 4.0 GPA while majoring in aeronautics and mathematics, he conducts independent research normally reserved for firsties. Wu's mentor, Aeronautics Department professor Lt. Col. Kurt Rouser, said he's rarely seen Wu's brand of enthusiasm, dedication and intellect that
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The Air Garden at the U.S. Air Force Academy. (U.S. Air Force/Courtesy Photo) 'A comprehensive approach': 10th ABW preps for upcoming IG inspection
The 10th Air Base Wing here is gearing up for an Inspector General evaluation April 7-15.  The evaluation, called the Unit Effectiveness Inspection, will focus on four major graded areas: executing the mission, leading people, managing resources and improving the unit."During previous inspections, the team would come, take a snapshot of our
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Dr. Steven Brandt leads the Academy's Aeronautical Department's aircraft design class here. (Amy Gillentine) For the love of flying
Dr. Steven Brandt has been in love with airplanes since he was a small child.In first grade, his best friend collected model airplanes and Brandt's father, a World War II fighter pilot, constantly talked about flying.As an adult, Brandt combines both influences: He's a former fighter pilot who also leads the aeronautical design class at the Air
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Lt. Col. Chris McClernon, the director of the U.S. Air Force Academy Research Center, uses a social simulator here in December 2014. (U.S. Air Force photo/Liz Copan) Technology aids Academy researchers, cadets
While other undergraduates spend time on projects that will never leave the laboratory, Air Force Academy cadets perform research directly supporting the Air Force mission.Their tools range from 3-D printers and computer testing, to social simulators and hours of research and testing in the laboratories.In engineering mechanics, cadets work on
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Academy cadets, Royal Military cadets and cadets from the École de l'air are seen here with the École de l'air's commandent, Brig. Gen. Francis Pollet, on Veterans Day in Marseille, France in 2014. The École de l'air is France's air force officer training school. (Courtesy photo) Academy International Programs open new worlds
During their four years at the Academy, cadets are presented with many opportunities, whether it's a chance to jump out of an aircraft or apply for a Rhodes scholarship. Beginning their second year at the Academy, cadets have an opportunity to participate in a semester abroad at a foreign college, a semester exchange at a foreign service academy or
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Cadets Tim Smith (left) and John Fredericks battle each other in the ring Jan. 15. (U.S. Air Force photo/ John Van Winkle) Boxing equips cadets with courage, resiliency to finish the fight
When cadets step into the boxing ring here, they don't senselessly knock each other around; they hone their defense drills, their guard position and footwork, so when they think they can't go the distance, they find a way to survive and win.Lt. Col. Matthew Glover, interim head boxing coach here, said the skills cadets learn from boxing and
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Michael McFaul briefs President Barack Obama in the Oval Office Feb. 24, 2010. McFaul, then the National Security Council's senior director for Russian Affairs, was the U.S. ambassador to Russia from December 2011 until February 2014 and is now director of Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. McFaul spoke on U.S.-Russian relations at the Air Force Academy Assembly Feb. 3, 2015. (White House photo/Pete Souza) Former ambassador to Russia speaks at Academy Assembly
Four workdays into President Barack Obama's first term in office, Michael McFaul had already found himself in a spot of trouble.Obama was about to place a phone call to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. McFaul, in his capacity as senior director for Russian and Eurasian affairs at the National Security Council, was in the Oval Office with Obama,
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