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AF-3, Flt 230, Maj. Andrew Rollins flies an F-35 Lightning II above the southern California desert. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Darin Russell The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-35 Lightning II
Manufacturer: Lockheed MartinFunction: Multirole FighterService Date: 2011Speed: 1,200 mphCrew: OneProduction: 1,763 (planned)Commentary: USAF’s F-35A will replace its current force of F-16 and A-10 aircraft with a stealthy multirole fighter that will comprise the bulk of USAF’s fighter fleet for up to 50 years.
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Two Air Force F-22 Raptors from the 95th Fighter Squadron, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., fly over the Baltic Sea in 2015. (Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Jason Robertson) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-22A Raptor
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin, BoeingFunction: Air Dominance, Multi-Role FighterService Date: 2002 Speed: Mach 2.25 Supercruise: Mach 1.82Crew: OneProduction: 187 Inventory: 183Commentary: The F-22A reached IOC in December 2005, and on Jan. 21, 2006, it flew its first operational sortie from Langley AFB, Va., as part of Noble Eagle. The Pentagon
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The F-16A Fighting Falcon. (Courtesy photo) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-16A/B/C/D Fighting Falcon
Manufacturer: Lockheed MartinFunction: Multirole FighterService Date: 1979Speed: 1,500 mphCrew: One (A/C), Two (B/D)Production: 2,206 Inventory: 1,018Commentary: A versatile, low-cost multirole fighter originally designed as a daylight air superiorityfighter. Later versions specialized in suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD), and air-to-surface
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An F-15A from the 123 Fighter Squadron, 142 Fighter Wing, takes off from Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Oregon, in 2006 (U.S. Air Force photo by John Hughel) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-15E Strike Eagle
Manufacturer: McDonnell DouglasFunction: Air-to-Ground Attack AircraftService Date: 1988Speed: 1,875 mphCrew: TwoProduction: 236Inventory: 219Commentary: A heavily modified, two-seat, dual-role variant of the F-15, with weaponssystems integrated for all-weather deep interdiction missions and as air-to-air combat. During Desert Storm, 48 USAF F-15Es
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An F-15A from the 123 Fighter Squadron, 142 Fighter Wing, takes off from Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Oregon, in 2006 (U.S. Air Force photo by John Hughel) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-15A/B/C/D Eagle
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas, now BoeingFunction: Tactical FighterService Date: 1974 Speed: 1,875 mphCrew: One (A/C), Two (B/D) Production: 874 Inventory: 249Commentary: F-15 fighters deployed to Desert Storm accounted for 34 of the 37 USAF air-to-airvictories, and in Iraqi Freedom F-15Cs' led coalition aircraft in maintaining aerial dominance.
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ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- An E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System from the 93rd Air Control Wing flies a refueling mission over the skies of Georgia. The E-8C is an airborne battle management and command and control platform that conducts ground surveillance to develop an understanding of the enemy situation and to support attack operations and targeting that contributes to the delay, disruption and destruction of enemy forces. (U.S. Air Force photo by John Lasky) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-8C Joint STARS
Manufacturer: Northrop GrummanFunction: AirborneBattle Management Service Date: 1997Speed: 587 mphCrew: 22 Production: 18 Inventory: 16Commentary: A modified Boeing 707-300 series equipped with a long-range air-to-ground radar capable of locating, classifying, and tracking vehicles moving on Earth’s surface out to distances in excess of 124 miles. 
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An Air Force E-4B flies over the Canadian Pacific coast, Wash., April 10, 2014. Air Combat Command is the Air Force single-resource manager for the E-4B, and provides aircrew, maintenance, security and communications support. E-4B operations are directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and executed through U.S. Strategic Command. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Mary O'Dell) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-4B
Manufacturer: BoeingFunction: Airborne Operations CenterService Date: 1980Speed: 602 mph Crew: Up to 112Production: 4 Inventory: 4Commentary: Serves as the National Airborne Operations Center for the President, Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This aircraft provides a highly survivable, command, control, and communications center
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The E-3 Sentry is an airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft that provides all-weather surveillance, command, control and communications needed by commanders of U.S. and NATO air defense forces. As proven in Desert Storm, it is the premier air battle command and control aircraft in the world today. The E-3 Sentry is a modified Boeing 707/320 commercial airframe with a rotating radar dome. The dome is 30 feet (9.1 meters) in diameter, six feet (1.8 meters) thick, and is held 11 feet (3.3 meters) above the fuselage by two struts. It contains a radar subsystem that permits surveillance from the Earth's surface up into the stratosphere, over land or water. The radar has a range of more than 200 miles (320 kilometers) for low-flying targets and farther for aerospace vehicles flying at medium to high altitudes. The radar combined with an identification friend or foe subsystem can look down to detect, identify and track enemy and friendly low-flying aircraft by eliminating ground clutter returns that confuse other radar systems. (U.S. Air Force photo) The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-3B/C/G Sentry (AWACS)
The E-3B/C/G Sentry (AWACS)Manufacturer: Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed MartinFunction: AirborneBattle Management, Command And Control ervice Date: 1975Speed: 360 mphCrew: 17-23Production: 34Inventory: 32Commentary: Heavily modified Boeing 707-320B aircraft, fitted with an extensive complement of mission avionics providing all-weather air
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C-130 Hercules The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-130 Hercules
Manufacturer: LockheedFunction: TheaterTactical AirliftModified Functions:Tanker, Special Operations, Reconnaissance,Airborne Command Post, Special MissionService Date: 1956Speed: 366 mphCrew: FiveProduction: 2,200+ Inventory: 428Commentary: Basic and specialized versions of the C-130 Hercules transport operate throughout USAF, performing diverse
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C-40B/C Clipper The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-40B/C Clipper
Manufacturer: BoeingFunction: High-Priority Personnel TransportService Date: 2003Speed: 530 mphCrew: TenProduction: 19 Inventory: 11Commentary: Most common users of the C-40B are combatant commanders and members of the Cabinet and Congress. Communication is paramount, so aircraft is equipped with broadband data/video transmit/receive along with
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