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Ray Bowden

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Class of 2018 graduation Secretary of Defense Mattis tells USAFA’s Class of ‘18 to safeguard the Air Force's legacy
Class of 2018 Graduation
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Default Air Force Logo HQ staffs’ workload, IT improvements discussed at USAFA director of staff’s all call
Senior officials at the Air Force Academy spoke to the headquarters’ staff about employee feedback and IT upgrades Jan. 23. Gail Covin, director of staff, hosted the all-call for the 460-member headquarters. The headquarters staff is responsible for providing the guidance and policies that enable the other mission elements on base to accomplish the
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Madeline Riggs (center),19, a help desk technician and student at Red Rocks Community College, speaks to the audience at the CyberWorx Design Sprint, July 20, 2017, at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The Design Sprints hosted by the Academy promote cyber innovation and exploit the Air Force’s partnership with its academic and tech-transfer partners. Riggs participated in a group skit highlighting the abilities of women in the IT field. (U.S. Air Force photo/Darcie Ibidapo) Design sprint encourages education, empowerment
The future of cyber lies in the hands of young people, including service academy cadets and high school students, said a group of IT experts July 20 at the Air Force Academy.Getting that message out in new and creative ways was the purpose of a Design Sprint hosted by the Air Force CyberWorx team at the school.These semi-regular Design Sprints
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