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Contact Us

Civilian Personnel Office 
5136 Eagle Drive
USAFA, CO 80840-2603

(719) 333-4363
DSN: 333-4363

Hours of Operation vary throughout the 10FSS. Please contact each agency directly for hours of operation.

Hours of Operation for
Civilian Personnel Office

Monday - Friday
0830-1230 walk-ins

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
1230-1600 appointment only

Wednesday 1230-1600

Closed on all Federal Holidays

Transition Assistance Program

TAPs -Transition Assistance Program
The 10th Force Support Squadron offers a variety of services to assist transitioning military members and their families. Separating Airmen must attend TAPS.
Call 333-3444 for more information and for available TAP dates or visit the 10FSS TAPS website.

Tell Us How We Are Doing

How are we doing?  Use the ICE online customer comment card system to tell us quickly and easily.  Leave your comments anonymously or leave contact information and we'll get back to you right away.  Click here to tell us how we are doing.

Force Support Squadron

The 10th Force Support Squadron provides the United States Air Force Academy with essential personnel services for its Airmen, appropriated fund civilians, non-appropriated fund civilians, family members and contractors. The squadron's mission is to also enhance readiness by providing worldwide combat support and community services for the wing.

The 10th Force Support Squadron contains eight flights: Airman & Family Services Flight, Community Services Flight, Force Development Flight, Personnel Services Flight, Military Personnel Flight, Resource Management Flight, Sustainment Services Flight, and the Child & Youth Services Flight. In addition to the director, the squadron includes a deputy, an operations officer, and a command staff (e.g., first sergeant). For additional in depth information, visit www.usafasupport.com.

Our Mission
To enhance Total Force Readiness for USAFA's Airmen, their Careers and Families, and their Quality of Life.

Our Vision
Achieve world-wide recognition as the Air Forces's premier Force Support Squadron, surpassing the expectations of our customers - the Total Force and their families!
USAF Academy Support Website

Contact Information

Airman & Family Services Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-3144
Airman & Family Readiness 333-3444
Casualty & Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) 333-2129
Personnel Services Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-3172
Civilian Personnel 333-4363
NAF Human Resources 333-3425
Community Services Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-2971
Aero Club 333-4542
Bowling Center 333-4709
Equestrian Center 333-4607
Farish Recreation Area 687-9098
Golf Course 333-2606
Outdoor Recreation Center 333-4475
Fam Camp 333-4980
Cadet Outdoor Rec Center 333-4602
Tickets and Tours 333-7367
Rocky Mountain Blue 1-800-768-2583
Arts and Crafts Center 333-4579
Auto Skills Center 333-4752
Arnold Hall/Student Center 333-2710
Cadet Barber/Beauty Shop 333-4563
Cadet Entertainment 333-4497/4625
Haps/Arnold Hall 333-3908
Cadet Laundromat 333-3635/2615
Polaris Perk 492-7930
Sustainment Services Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-4816
Falcon Club 333-4253
Rampart Lodge 333-4910
Fitness & Sports Center 333-4522
High Country Inn 333-9831
Food Services/Mitchell Hall 333-4992/3601
Nutrition Program 333-3663
Subsistence Contracting 333-4514
Resource/Facility Manager 333-2014

Special Functions Coordinator




Director and Support Staff Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Director 333-3535
Deputy 333-4815
Superintendent/Honor Guard 333-4856
Operations Officer 333-4802
Management Assistant 333-0285/0284
Marketing Office 333-6796
Mortuary Affairs 333-3323
Unit Training 333-2419
After Hours Casualty Emergency
(USAFA Command Post)
Force Development Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-4891
Education Center/Training 333-2215
Library 333-7233/4665
Professional Development Advisor Center/ 1st Team Airman 333-9389
Military Personnel Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-4624
Military Personnel Supt 333-4628
DEERS/ID Cards Customer Support 333-8766
Military Personnel Support 333-8766
Personnel Systems Management 333-2508
Installation Personnel Readiness 333-1522/1523
Resource Management Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-4811
Resource Advisor 333-2949
Accounting 333-2963
Contracting 333-2384
IT Support 333-4810/4814
Child & Youth Services Flight area code (719) DSN 333+last 4
Flight Chief 333-7811
Child Development 333-6779
CDC Annex 333-4166
Family Child Care 333-7957
Youth Programs 333-4169