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10th Civil Engineer Squadron
8120 Edgerton Drive Suite 40
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840

Lt Col Eric Rollman

Deputy Commander
Keith Butala

Contractor Project Manager
Lewis Strickland

Phone: (719) 333-2660
Fax: (719) 333-0475

Housing Management

Effective 1 January 2014, the Department of Defense sponsorship of the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) will expire. The website,, will remain active as a commercial site. Service members seeking housing should contact or visit the local government housing office for assistance. Visit the Air Force Housing public website, for further information.
Mountain living in the heart of the AF Academy and the best school district (D-20) in the area is just the beginning of what you will receive while living on the AF Academy. On 1 May, 2007, the USAF Academy conveyed its housing and associated infrastructure to our privatization partner, Forest City-Hunt, LLC. Forest City Residential Management provides the on-site property management and some of the benefits include the following:

24-hour "live services requests 
On-call maintenance
Military clause
Free renter's insurance ($20,000)
Landscaping and snow removal services
Planned recreational activities and events
Community website and newsletter
On-line feedback
Deployed spouse program
Extended office hours
Recycle Bank Program
Incentive based reward program Forest City welcomes you to visit their website at and encourages you to contact them at 719-867-9688 or by email at

Forest City Residential Management:
Phone number: 719-867-9688
                  Fax: 719-472-8744

Hours of Operation:
                  M-F: 0700 - 1800
                  Sat: 0900 - 1500

6556 W. Columbine Drive
USAF Academy, CO 80844

Community Housing and General Information:
Phone number: 719-333-2247 (DSN: 333)

Permanent Party Dormitories:
Phone number: 719-333-4229 (DSN: 333)