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Mortuary Affairs

Air Force Academy Mortuary AffairsThe Air Force Academy Mortuary Affairs Office administers the Academy Cemetery, which is open to visitors daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When a death occurs, the surviving family member(s) can be very emotional and may have a difficult time, especially if your wishes haven't been discussed prior to your death. Fill out the forms located in the Worksheets tab in the right side column. Then keep them in a safe place so that your family members will be aware of your funeral and/or memorial wishes.

Those eligible to be interred at the Academy Cemetery can be found here.

Are there visiting hours for the Air Force Academy Cemetery?
Visiting hours are daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All guests that do not possess a valid DoD ID card must enter through the North Gate under current security guidelines. For additional information, please call (719) 333-3323.

What are the hours of operation for the USAFA Mortuary Affairs Office?
The USAFA Mortuary Affairs Office hours of operation are currently 6:30 to 3:30; subject to change and depending upon security threat.

If I am separated or retired from the Air Force, will any or all of my funeral services be paid for by the Air Force?
When a member separates from the Air Force, most burial benefits cease with the exception of eligibility for interment in a government cemetery. If retired, limited transportation costs for the member will be reimbursed if death occurred as a properly admitted patient to a military hospital. The same entitlement is extended to the dependent of a retired member provided they died in a military hospital as an admitted patient.

What costs are involved when arranging a funeral service at USAFA?
There are not normally any costs associated with the services provided by the USAFA staff when funeral services are held at the chapel and/or graveside. The standard costs borne by the next of kin are related to the services provided by the funeral home selected by the family. Such services could be costs associated with a funeral home in your local area (if not residing in Colorado Springs) and a receiving funeral home in Colorado Springs if a casket service is planned. Costs could also include preparation of the remains, casketing, professional services of the funeral director, flowers, obituary notice, donation to clergy, etc.

What is the procedure for arranging a funeral at USAFA?
A phone call is placed to the Mortuary Affairs Office by either the next of kin or funeral home selected by the family. A military chaplain of the requested denomination will be contacted by the Mortuary Affairs Office and provided information such as music and scripture selections, picture and biography (if available) and any other pertinent information. The chaplain will contact the next of kin to begin arranging the funeral service. Funeral services are normally conducted between the hours of 9:00 and 2:00, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays.

Can I reserve a gravesite?
We are unable to reserve gravesites before the need arises. However, when a death occurs, the family can request a specific location at the cemetery for interment.

What type of grave markers are provided at the USAFA Cemetery?
Flat, bronze markers are provided for each military member and eligible family member by the Veteran's Administration at no cost to the family. The Mortuary Affairs Office places the order, receives the marker and gives to the cemetery caretaker for installation.

How do I arrange for Honor Guard?
Upon request by the next of kin, the Mortuary Affairs office will make arrangements with the Base Honor Guard to provide military honors to eligible veterans.

Can I provide my own clergy?
We welcome visiting clergy to officiate funeral services. A USAFA chaplain is made available to provide any assistance that may be required.

Can I bring flowers to the cemetery?
Flowers are allowed at the USAFA cemetery provided they can be positioned into the vase that is placed at the head of the grave upon installation of the permanent grave marker. Flowers will not be removed unless they become unsightly.

Can I arrange for a local florist to deliver flowers to the cemetery for special occasions?
Flowers may be delivered at any time. A directory is provided at the west side of the cemetery so that grave sites can be easily located.

What is provided by the government when interment is at the USAFA Cemetery?
The Air Force provides at no cost to the family, a plot, vault, temporary and permanent grave marker, vase, opening and closing of the grave and perpetual care of the gravesite.

Where can I go online for additional resources?
tabMemorial Pavilion 

Air Force Academy Mortuary Affairs

Academy senior staff, graduates, cadets, members of the
AOG Board of Directors, and staff gathered at the Academy
cemetery May 11, 2007, for the long anticipated ribbon cutting
and dedication of the USAFA Memorial Pavilion.
The celebration and cutting of the ribbon, by Lt. Gen. John
Regni, '73, Chairman of the AOG board Ted Legasey, '67,
President and CEO Jim Shaw, '67 and Gen. Ron Yates (Ret.),
'60, marks the end of a long process for the building.

For many years graduates have been trying to build a place
to honor fallen comrades and their families with dignity and
respect.  In 1982 the project was identified as a priority by the
Air Force Academy. Nearly 26 years later the project was
made possible solely through private funding and donations
totaling 4.5 million dollars, facilitated by the AOG.

The Memorial Pavilion will provide a place of dignity and respect
for graveside services that can be held outdoors in a quiet,
peaceful mountain setting, or inside, protected from Colorado's unpredictable extreme weather.
tabCriteria for Interment 
As outlined in USAFAI 32-242, the following personnel are eligible for interment at the USAFA Cemetery:
  • USAF Academy cadets
  • Air Force military personnel assigned to the USAF Academy or to tenant units at the Academy at the time of their deaths. This does not include non-Academy personnel who are assigned on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to the Academy Patient Squadron Section of the USAF Academy Hospital
  • USAF Academy graduates
  • All active duty and retired USAF generals and lieutenant generals
  • Former Superintendents, Vice Superintendents, Commandants of Cadets, Deans of Faculty, Chiefs of Staff, appointed Directors of Admissions, Directors of Athletics, Permanent Professors, Sequential Tour Faculty Officers (formerly Continuous Tour Staff Officers), Tenured Faculty Officers, Preparatory School Commanders, Air Base Wing Commanders, and Academy Command Chief Master Sergeants
  • Original cadre Air Force personnel assigned to the USAF Academy between 11 Jul 55 and 10 Sep 57
  • USAF cross-commissioned officer graduates of West Point or Annapolis who have retired with 20 years of uniform service
  • Air Force Academy Board of Visitors members with prior distinguished military service
  • All Medal of Honor recipients regardless of branch of service
  • All Air Force Cross recipients
  • Former CMSgts performing as Cadet Wing Sergeant Majors who held the position during 1972-1996
  • Air Training Officers who served at USAFA from 1975-1977
  • Eligible relatives of service-connected sponsor listed in the aforementioned categories such as a wife or husband, unremarried widow or widower, dependent unmarried children under the age of 23, and a dependent unmarried adult, defined as one who at the time of death was over 21 years of age, incapable of support due to physical or mental condition and who meets any of the following conditions:
    • Received more than on-half of his or her support from the service-connected parent.
    • If the service-connected parent is deceased and interred in the Academy cemetery, was receiving more than one-half of his or her support from the widow or widower of the deceased service-connected parent.
    • Was receiving such support from some other source because of the prior death or inability of the parent or parents to provide such support.

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