The breakdown: The stats on USAFA’s Class of 2018

Graduation Statistics

The U.S. Air Force Academy released the latest statistics for the Class of 2018, graduating May 23, 2018. (Air Force photo/ Mike Kaplan)


U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- (Editor's note: This report is based on the latest Class of 2018 statistics compiled May 21.)

Here’s the breakdown for the Class of 2018 graduating from the Air Force Academy May 23.

- 1,498 were offered appointments to the Academy

- 1,206 men and women were inducted into the Academy, including 14 international cadets

- There were 942 men (78.1 percent) and 264 women (21.9 percent) in the class

- There were 323 (26.8 percent) minorities

- There were 585 (48.5 percent) cadets who were potentially pilot qualified

- The average high school GPA for the Class of 2018 is 3.85

- The average SAT score was 633 verbal and 663 math

-The average ACT score was 30 English, 30 reading and 30 science reasoning

Scheduled to Graduate

Scheduled to graduate are 984 cadets, including 13 international cadets.

- 772 men (78 percent) and 212 women (22 percent)

- 273 minorities (28 percent) of the class. Seventy-seven cadets are African-American, 105 are Hispanic, 65 are Asian, 13 are Pacific Islanders and 13 are Native American, not including the international cadets.

- 711 cadets are not minorities

- The 13 international cadets are from Kazakhstan, Gaban, Malaysia, Moldovia, Pakistan, The Republic of Korea, Romania, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates

- 142 graduates attended the Air Force Academy Preparatory School

- 45 graduates were previously enlisted Airmen

- The average cumulative GPA for the graduating class was 3.07

- The attrition rate is 209 cadets (18 percent)

- 54 graduates have brothers or sisters who have graduated from the Academy

- 58 graduates are second-generation graduates. Six cadets’ parents are both graduates of the Academy.


417 graduates are scheduled to attend pilot training, 14 are scheduled to attend Combat Systems Operator training, 11 are scheduled to attend Air Battle Manager Training and 69 are scheduled to attend Remotely Piloted Aircraft training.

-Five-hundred-eleven graduates are scheduled to be rated officers entering flying-related career fields

All service academy graduates incur a five-year service commitment and an additional concurrent service commitment depending on the type of training or schooling, including scholarships, they receive.

For example, graduates who attend pilot training incur an active-duty service commitment of 10 years after receiving their pilot’s wings.

After successfully completing training, combat systems operators, remotely piloted aircraft sensor operators and airborne battle managers incur a six-year commitment.

Graduates completing airborne battle manager training incur two concurrent service commitments -- the five-year service academy graduate commitment and the six-year airborne battle manager commitment.

And Now?

- As of May 23, 50,689 men and women will have graduated the Academy -- 44,094 men and 5,823 women

- 737 graduates have been promoted to the general officers rank, including 10 officers recently selected for promotion to brigadier general

- 131 of those generals are on active duty