2009 class ring symbolizes pride, tradition

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- The Class of 2009 ring crest is one of the most treasured representations of class unity and class pride.

Until graduation, the Class of 2009 wore their rings with the class crest facing inward, closest to their hearts.

After graduation day, the ring is turned so the Academy Crest is closest to the heart of an officer ready and willing to protect and defend with the training they have received.

This is a unique tradition in which all graduates of the Academy are forever united.
Through the blood and the sweat, the triumphs and the failures, Class of 2009 members have become brothers and sisters for life. 

2009 Class Ring

The Academy Crest is placed on the left side of the ring. The bezel surrounds a stone or inset plus the words "United States Air Force Academy." These are encircled by a chain of 59 links to represent the first graduating class and the bond each class shares with the preceding ones. These elements have remained constant throughout the years and serve as yet another bond all classes share together.

The Class of 2009 crest decorates the right side of the ring. It is composed of both compulsory and optional elements that together represent the Academy experience.