Labor Day Message

10/04/2015 --

1. On Monday, we celebrate the contributions of the American workforce to our nation’s success and prosperity. Our country and our Air Force have the most creative, innovative, and talented workers in the world.

2. In 1894, Congress designated the first Monday of September a federal holiday. The history of our great country is a proud story of hard-working Americans with a strong work ethic. From the dedicated civilians working in aviation plants during World War II to our military members securing freedom around the globe in the modern-day profession of arms, American workers continue to be the bedrock of our vibrant economy. From physical highways to information superhighways, there is no limit to what the American workforce can do. The Labor Day holiday is a time to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of working Americans and their families.

3. On behalf of the 10th Air Base Wing, Happy Labor Day! Be safe and enjoy time with your family, including your Air Force family. Reach out to your wingmen and remember our deployed Airmen and their families this holiday weekend.

4. Go Air Force! Beat Morgan State!

5. Colonel Troy E. Dunn, Commander, sends.

6. Internet release authorized.

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