POW/MIA Recognition

09/18/2015 --

1. In an earlier message today, I wished all Airmen a happy 68th birthday! As we celebrate our rich heritage and history, let us also pause in a moment of silence and pay tribute to our fallen, our prisoners of war, and those missing in action.

2. On this National POW/MIA Recognition Day, I encourage all Cadets, Airmen, and Families to reflect on the sacrifices that American patriots have made to defend our Nation. Some have not returned from the battlefield; others still remain unaccounted for as prisoners of war and mission in action; but all will be brought home one day. This is our solemn and ironclad commitment to them, and it is a promise we have made to each other that we will never leave an Airman behind. We will never falter in this promise, and we will not fail.


4. Colonel Troy E. Dunn, Commander, sends.

5. Internet release authorized.

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