Category: Sequestration
  • Defense secretary announces furloughs

    As he announced details of the Defense Department's long-awaited civilian furlough plan today, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel thanked civilian employees and their families for their service, sacrifices, and the "purposeful lives" they lead supporting the nation's defense.During a televised and live-streamed town hall meeting with civilian defense
  • Air Combat Command units stand down due to sequestration

    Air Force officials will begin to stand down active-duty combat units starting April 9 to ensure the remaining units supporting worldwide operations can maintain sufficient readiness through the remainder of the fiscal year.The stand down is the result of cuts to Air Combat Command's operations and maintenance account, which must be implemented in
  • DOD examines continuing resolution's effect on personnel, programs

    The recently signed continuing resolution that funds the government for the rest of the fiscal year is being examined by Defense Department officials, who will discern how the legislation affects DOD personnel and programs, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said March 27.The legislation may mean fewer furlough days for defense civilian
  • Pentagon delays furlough notices

    Pentagon officials have put off sending furlough notices to civilian employees until they've had a chance to analyze how pending legislation that would fund the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year will affect the Defense Department.Officials now estimate that furlough notices will go out on or about April 5, said Navy Cmdr. Leslie
  • Academy cancels July 4th celebration due to sequestration

    The Air Force Academy's annual Independence Day celebration has been canceled due to budgetary concerns from sequestration, Academy officials announced March 20.Sequestration has forced the Academy to cut back on many activities it would normally support, said Academy Public Affairs Director Lt. Col. John Bryan."Faced with so many uncertainties
  • 'Expectation is not ... 100 percent': 10th ABW commander discusses potential furloughs

    As potential furloughs approach for nearly all of the Air Force Academy's 1,500 civilian personnel, the Academy will have to sacrifice a portion of its mission, 10th Air Base Wing Commander Col. Tim Gibson said in a series of town hall meetings March 11-12."The expectation is not to do 100 percent of the mission," Gibson said. "Commanders are going
  • Sequestered: Academy feels effects, but graduation, in-processing still on

    Sequestration took effect at midnight March 1, potentially affecting nearly 1,500 civilian employees at the Academy, but it is not expected to push back Class of 2013 graduation or Class of 2017 in-processing.The Air Force has proposed civilian furloughs covering 22 discontinuous days from April to September, said Gail Colvin, the Academy's