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  • CC Introduction

    1. Earlier today, I had the honor to assume command as the Commander of the 10th Air Base Wing from Colonel Stacey Hawkins. Sonya and I wish him and Natalie our very best in their next assignment. We are incredibly humbled by this opportunity, and I thank Lieutenant General Johnson for her leadership and vote of confidence in us as a command team.
  • Class of 2015: A commitment to excellence

    To the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2015 - our 57th graduating class - Congratulations!  These past four years have not been easy - Basic Cadet Training, Recognition, Polaris Warrior, Graded Reviews, finals, labs and speeches, the 10-meter platform, water survival and unarmed combat, fires and floods - highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies. We
  • Class of 2015: Ready to serve, learn, lead

    Class of 2015, congratulations! In June of 2011, 1,113 of you stood on the blue footprints at the base of the core values ramp. Today, 840 will march across the stage at Falcon Stadium, well prepared to start a career in service to the nation. The past four years have been tough and for good reason. The Air Force you will lead faces innumerable
  • Class of 2015: Welcome to the 'Long Blue Line'

    To the U.S. Air Force Academy's Class of 2015, on behalf of the Association of Graduates, I want to extend my wholehearted congratulations and welcome you as our newest members of the Long Blue Line.You are the 57th class to graduate from the Academy and we are proud to have you take your place among the more than 47,000 graduates who have gone
  • Remembering the Air Force's Lt. Gen. Harmon: A lifetime of discovery, learning and service

    The United State Air Force Academy is perched just northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado at 7,250 feet above sea level.  It stands in the shadow of Pike's Peak, the mountain that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America, The Beautiful" in 1913.  Visit, or even just drive by the Academy on the interstate, and you'll be equally inspired by
  • Stop the presses: Academy Spirit to transition to online format

    The Air Force Academy's weekly newspaper, the Academy Spirit, will transition to a fully digital format in June. The next edition, scheduled to hit the racks May 28 before the cadet graduation ceremony, is the final print edition.The decision to stop the presses was made by senior officials at the Air Force Academy and our publisher, the Colorado
  • Academy Superintendent: Cadets must learn to lead with - and without - directions

    My husband and I have twin 12-year-old boys, perhaps a rarity for a woman in my position - three-star Air Force general and superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy. However, one recent weekend my boys helped crystalize for me some of the work we're doing to modernize the education and training experiences at USAFA.The boys redirected
  • Class of 2015: Your legacy begins now

    Looking back on the 9,493 days since the I graduated with the Air Force Academy's Class of 1989, the world has become a vastly different place. The Soviet Union collapsed years ago, Iraq and Afghanistan were not countries talked about commonly, let alone that we are still there after two major wars, and the New York City skyline held the second and
  • Without Limits: 4 years of U.S. Air Force Academy life

    During my sophomore year as an Air Force Academy cadet, I was on academic probation again. I was sitting in the McDermott Library here, studying for a physics exam I was sure to fail, when I heard the news. One of my best friends had passed away. The tears had barely dried from the funerals for a close friend and mentor I attended three months
  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response at Federal Service Academies

    Sexual assault on college campuses is a national problem.  No campus is immune.  It is a challenge at public and private institutions, it plagues small colleges as well as universities with tens of thousands of students, it happens at highly selective colleges and institutions that cater to a local demographic.  It also happens at our federal