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  • Academy rolls out red carpet for Parents’ Weekend

    Welcome to Parents' Weekend! This is an exciting time, whether you're supporting your Doolies for your first Parents' Weekend, or sharing in the joy as you watch your firsties stretch their wings as leaders. This weekend, the men and women of the Air Force Academy team will welcome 8,000-to-10,000 visitors. The safety and security of the
  • Senior NCO recipe for success: Strong backbone, sincerity, adherence to high standards

    I once heard someone say, "If you think you're a leader, take a look behind you. If no one is following, you're not leading - you're just going for a walk." I don't know who said this, but I'm sure it's true. As my wife Millie and I had dinner a few weeks ago with our newest master sergeants and their families at the Falcon Club, I was reminded of
  • Living to inspire

    You never know when you are going to make a positive impact on someone's life and provide inspiration. Do you have what it takes to inspire others?Last spring, I was in a restaurant with my brother, on one of my first outings since leaving the hospital after multiple strokes. Wearing Air Force gear, I obviously stood out as I walked to my table. A
  • Academic year to feature new staff, updated program

    Welcome back! It was a busy summer across the Academy and on the hill. Cadets and faculty immersed in leadership training programs, traveled across the globe and participated in summer classes. Our faculty has also been working on cutting-edge research, presenting their work at academic conferences and preparing for a new academic year. Now it's
  • Technology transfer: it’s the law

    This summer, the Academy's Research Office is developing and implementing a formal technology transfer program to allow industry partners better access to cadet and faculty research technologies and capabilities. As phase one of this paradigm shift unfolds, we'd like to provide you a sneak peak at our blueprints. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal is
  • An Airman's thoughts on the 4th of July

    This weekend, as we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this great nation, it's worthwhile to reflect on just how courageous the signers of the Declaration of Independence were in standing against the tyranny of their day toward the pursuit of liberty. The 56 signers were truly forward thinkers: well educated, of secure financial means,
  • Safety should be common

    Many Academy commuters have probably noticed what the Colorado State Patrol calls "full immersion," when they're out in full force across state highways, usually on weekends or during the holiday season.If there is ever a time not to get caught speeding or texting or worse, driving while intoxicated, this is usually it. You've also most likely
  • Staying busy in the summer: Academy fills season with cadet events

    The crowd of proud families and newly-minted second lieutenants had barely cleared Falcon Stadium after the May 28 cadet graduation ceremony when Dean of Faculty staff got back to work. Many wonder what we do during the summer; I can tell you, we do not take a three month summer vacation. If the Dean of Faculty staff isn't using their well-earned
  • Busy summer? You don't know the half of it!

    As a young college student, I viewed my summers as nothing more than a great excuse to immerse myself in the most irresponsible behavior I could possibly imagine.My friends and I concocted grand schemes to travel to unbelievable vacation spots and party until the roof caved in, but our schedule and finances painted a very different reality - so we
  • The Essence of USAFA: An exemplary installation

    U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Editor's note: This concludes an eight-part series detailing the essence of the Academy.Many words can describe an institution hosting several hundred thousand visitors, staging dozens of community events, and producing roughly 1,000 Air Force officers annually, but when it comes to describing her particular