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  • Sexual assault prevention: Response must extend beyond legal realm

    Every time the Air Force puts a convicted sex offender behind bars, it sends a powerful message: There is no place in the force for those who would prey on their fellow Airmen.But a comprehensive sexual assault prevention and response program cannot afford to focus exclusively on delivering justice to perpetrators. It must also offer help for
  • The Essence of USAFA: The Air Force professional culture

    U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Editor's note: This is part seven of an eight-part series detailing the essence of the Academy.The Air Force's Academy offers potential cadets a commissioning source unlike any other in the Air Force to fulfill its mission of educating, training and inspiring men and women to become officers of character, said the
  • The Essence of USAFA: Internalizing the Air Force Ethos

    U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Editor's note: This is part six of an eight-part series detailing the essence of the Academy.Military training here isn't simply designed to run cadets ragged. Instead, it prepares them for real combat and helps them develop a mindset, driving them through the most trying times. The sixth component in the Academy's
  • Graduation is major step in Class of 2014's 'flight through life'

    Congratulations to the U.S. Air Force Academy's 56th graduating class!In June 2010, 1,294 young women and men stepped off the buses in front of Vandenberg Hall. At the end of Basic Cadet Training, 1,262 entered the Cadet Wing as members of the Class of 2014. On May 28, four challenging years later, the Air Force eagerly accepted 995 new second
  • No single moment: A collective experience at the Academy

    As my time at the Air Force's Academy comes to a close, I find myself thinking just how impossible it is to pick a 'best" or "favorite" experience. There is no single moment for me to pick because I've experienced a multitude of wonderful experiences here. During my four-degree, or freshman year, I would have answered that the best part of my
  • Congrats to the Class of 2014

    To the Class of 2014, on behalf of the Association of Graduates, I want to extend my wholehearted congratulations and welcome you as our newest members of the Long Blue Line. You are the 56th class to graduate from USAFA and we are proud to have you take your place among the more than 46,000 graduates who have gone before you. It has taken four
  • The Essence of USAFA: Developing an indomitable spirit

    U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Editor's note: This is part five of an eight-part series detailing the essence of the Academy.The Academy's top-officer says competition is pivotal to the growth of all cadets and an integral element of what the institution defines as its essence, the indefinable character and commitment of every cadet."One of the
  • The Essence of USAFA: Courses blend technical, legal expertise

    U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Editor's note: This is part four of an eight-part series detailing the essence of the Academy.Space systems operators don't work in a vacuum -- at least, not a legal one.The Air Force Academy offers classes on U.S. space policy and cyberspace law for cadets majoring in either of those technical fields as well as
  • Academy research has a 'bright future'

    Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on completing their four-year journey at the Air Force Academy. From wildfires to government shutdowns, things may have slowed a little bit, but it's hard to keep a good team down. Researchers and cadets surpassed major milestones this year - filing new patents, creating major Science, Technology, Engineering
  • Keep your summer fun safe

    Many who enjoy warmer weather are probably looking forward to the rapidly approaching summer months, often called the "Critical Days of Summer" because, unfortunately, we lose too many Airmen and family members, or they end up in emergency rooms, during this time. Shortly after the Class of 2014 graduates, many have plans to head-off to all corners