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  • Schwartz, wife Suzie, make lasting impression

    The Air Force Academy recently hosted the 21st annual National Character and Leadership Symposium. The symposium themed: "Character Overcoming Conflict: Individual Stories, Global Impact," featured a variety of speakers from sports stars to military heroes to some cadets who currently call the Academy home. The purpose of the event was to allow
  • Donating to the Air Force Assistance Fund helps us 'Pay it Forward'

    The annual Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign kicked-off Feb. 4, giving us all an opportunity to help our fellow Airmen when they need it most. The AFAF Campaign supports our charities that are dedicated to caring for Airmen from induction, through retirement and beyond.The four charities are the Air Force Aid Society, the General and Mrs. Curtis
  • The essence of Academy research

    The U.S. Air Force Academy exists to educate, train and produce leaders for our nation.This mission is successfully accomplished through many fronts, executed across a diverse set of mission elements and forged through the crucibles of academic excellence, athletic competition, airmanship, military discipline and an honor system. The Academy's
  • Motorcycle safety: 'No such thing as a minor collision'

    Motorcycle crashes are a leading cause of death for our U.S. Air Force members. While motorcyclists represent only 10 percent of our active duty force, they account for approximately 40 percent of our fatal crashes. At the Academy, we experienced our most recent motorcycle fatality in 2012 and have recorded 12 motorcycle mishaps since
  • Safety: We each have to do our part

    As we work hard every day to produce leaders of character for our Air Force and our nation, we all must ensure safety remains at the forefront of our minds.We need to be focused, exercise personal discipline and ultimately work together to ensure we accomplish the mission.Like a machine, if we are missing just one part, we cannot function properly.
  • The Air Force Assistance Fund: Airmen helping Airmen

    Some 15 years ago, I was a new flight surgeon deployed to Europe under bare-base conditions to arguably what would become the largest air refueling base in history. I was in over my head but fortunately, I deployed with an experienced NCO and relied heavily on his knowledge for first several weeks. During our deployment, this NCO confided that
  • Strengthening our culture of commitment

    As we sprint into the spring semester, I'd like to expand on one of our strategic imperatives: our Culture of Commitment and Climate of Respect for all at the Air Force's Academy. Lately, I've been citing political theorist Thomas Paine, "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value," because
  • Academy to host 2014 Nat'l Prayer Luncheon Feb. 13

    The U.S. is arguably the most diverse nation on earth. Our founding fathers dreamt of a land welcoming diverse cultures, lifestyles and varying world views. Today, people from various ethnic groups representing the seven continents bring their rich, unique traditions to this grand experiment we call America. Although our country is still very young
  • Diversity opens doors

    Our great nation mandates we recognize the progress made by our military services toward diversity, so each year at the Academy we host several diversity-related events and observances.The first of these events for 2014 is will recognize the contributions of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream of equality for all -- to that
  • A look forward: USAFA Supt. outlines vision for the future

    Happy New Year to each of our cadets, permanent party, graduates, friends and supporters! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful and safe holiday break. As we jump into 2014, I wanted to share my initial thoughts from my first months as Superintendent, how we are handling some of the challenges we are facing today, and my vision for tomorrow.We at USAFA