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  • Support your Falcons in 2011 Military Bowl

    This year's football team has earned an incredible leadership opportunity to represent the Academy with an invitation Dec. 4 to the 2011 Military Bowl.The chance to play in a significant bowl game happens because of the terrific accomplishments of our cadets, along with the guidance and backing of the fine leadership of our Academy general officers
  • Lorenz on Leadership — Life's experiences: luggage or baggage?

    Recently, I was invited to speak at the United States Air Force Academy's Class of 2013 Commitment Night dinner. Commitment Night is usually scheduled the day the third classmen (sophomores) return to the Academy and become second classmen (juniors). Up to that very moment they begin their junior year academics they may resign from the Academy and
  • Duty: the double-edged sword

    A 1970 graduate of the Air Force Academy recently asked my opinion about what I thought the Academy is doing well today. He knew I've been serving this past year as The Academy's senior scholar, assigned to the Center for Character and Leadership Development. He also knew that I've never been in the military.Although his question caught me by
  • Robin Olds: Wolf Pack hero, legacy

    KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea (AFNS) -- This historian is hardly the first to declare former Brig. Gen. Robin Olds as the greatest aerial warrior and leader in American history.When learning about his life, it is as if he was made to be the perfect Airman. He was a triple ace who had ideas about tactical air power that were as big as his physique.
  • Lorenz on Leadership: Leaders, stress and people of faith

    Recently I was at a military base when two Air Force chaplains invited me to join them for lunch. We had a nice conversation on many subjects to include stories about leaders they had met over the years. One of the chaplains had just returned from his third tour in Afghanistan where he worked with the Army. The brigade he was assigned to was
  • Please, hang up and drive

    If you've been in the Air Force for a while, you might know the name Gary Kunich. He worked for European Stars and Stripes around the time I first entered the Air Force in 1999. He retired in 2006 as a master sergeant, but he has never put down the pen: today he writes for local publications in his adopted hometown of Kenosha, Wis.Today, he has a
  • AF leaders issue Memorial Day message

    To the Airmen of the United States Air Force and their Families:As we pause this Memorial Day to honor those who have died in service of our great Nation, it is also useful to reflect on what this day of remembrance reveals about the character of our nation and its people. History records that Maj. Gen. John Logan, national commander of the Grand
  • Class of 2011: Your future starts today

    To the United States Air Force Academy Class of 2011 -- congratulations! You've earned the right to celebrate! You'll remember May 25, 2011, for the rest of your lives. You've spent the last four-to-five years learning, training, preparing and giving of yourself to be here with your classmates to finally celebrate this momentous day together.
  • AOG: Congratulations, Class of '11

    On behalf of the Association of Graduates and the nearly 43,000 compatriots who have graduated from this great institution, I want to extend my hearty congratulations to the Class of 2011 and welcome you to the Academy graduate community. You have made it through four challenging years, and now you will take your place in the most technologically
  • The last ride

    I handed a coin to the driver saying, "You are taking my brother-in-law on his last ride. I don't want you to forget this."No one who knew Maj. Philip Ambard will ever forget him. He was born in Venezuela, but loved his adopted country passionately. He joined the U.S. Air Force, quickly moving up the ranks and being selected for senior master