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  • Families: The Quiet Warriors

    Wikipedia describes Veterans Day as "an annual American holiday honoring military veterans." It goes on to describe a veteran as "a person who has or is working in the armed forces, or a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation or office." At the risk of alienating my brothers and sisters in arms with whom I served more than
  • Character Corner: My honor is my life

    While I was in high school,before many current cadets were born,I read a quote in a book that has stuck with me to this day: "My Honor is My Life."That quote has remained with me because it embodies what the first core value says -- Integrity First. Honor is not something that you can turn on and off, it is not something to play with to see if you
  • Preventing domestic violence is everyone's business

    A woman is physically assaulted in her home every 15 seconds in the United States. In El Paso and Teller counties, five people died during domestic violence crimes in 2008. Abused women commonly experience fear, shame, depression, anxiety, difficulties sleeping and confusion. But not all domestic abuse involves physical violence. Emotional abuse
  • Character Corner: Cadet learns important lessons through honor probation

    My name is Cadet 1st Class Robert Mobley and I am a Class of 2009 cadet at the Air Force Academy. I am still here because I committed a violation of the honor code last semester. I was very fortunate to be granted the privilege and opportunity to serve on honor probation. While most people think that honor probation is a very hard ordeal that takes
  • Safety: Winter snow season approaches

    Mother Nature will bestow winter upon us with its share of snow storms, icy road conditions and adverse weather. Once again, the 10th Civil Engineer Squadron has geared up for the snow season. As you drive around the base, you will notice that snow route signs and snow gates are in position. These are designed to guide you through the safest parts
  • Character Corner: Ways of being

    Leading and teaching are two prominent activities at the Air Force Academy,and they embrace some similar and very important ideals. Modeling a sense of being and authenticity is one of those common ideals. Parker Palmer, author of "The Courage to Teach," recently gave a speech in Denver exhorting teachers, like leaders, to model and encourage a
  • Character Corner: Why CCLD?

    Thursday, the Center for Character Development became the Center for Character and Leadership Development. This change is more than skin deep -- the new center has new capabilities, new focus areas, a new mindset, and eventually a new building. These are all designed to help all at USAFA become more effective at our fundamental mission --
  • Character Corner: Break the habit

    "It's only a lot of reading if you read it all." This line, spoken by a prep school exemplar, predictably drew strong applause from the school-weary audience. Another line, often greeted with chuckles and nods, comes far more frequently and usually from more mundane speakers: "You only get in trouble if you get caught." Both of these truisms are
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

    Every year around this time I'm approached by people with the same question. "Hey, Chief," they say, "why do we have to have Hispanic Heritage Month? Aren't we all Americans?" I never argue that a bit, but there's more to it. I'm sure you know we celebrate African-American/Black History Month in February, Women's History Month in March,
  • Character Corner: Who's watching

    Several years ago, a young man who had grown up in our church was receiving a very special professional honor.During the service,many people looked on in admiration as he,who had grown from a child to a young man in their midst, was showing that he had pursued a high calling and had been recognized in his pursuit of service. Afterward,he went up to