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  • Cadets and Cultural Awareness: A Knowledge Outcome

    It was very puzzling. Despite covering the topic through lecture and discussion in my History 101 (Modern World History) course, students were still not getting it. During the Fall 2008 semester, when it came time to test their knowledge on the subject during a graded review, 30 percent of them could not tell the difference between Sunni and
  • Physics 645: P215 (3) / (2F) = formula for success

    Physics 215 is a course listing that sends shivers down the backs of Air Force Academy cadets. We are required to pass the course whether we want to take it or not. Whether we are Foreign Area Studies or Electrical Engineering majors; Physics 110 and 215 are in the core curriculum and cadets must take these credits in order to graduate. Physics 215
  • A National Security Outcome: National security, full spectrum of joint, coalition warfare

    The Air Force Academy produces military officers who have taken an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies..." Their character and knowledge are critical to defending the national security of our country. As both an institution of higher learning and a professional school, instructors in courses offered
  • Combat medics offer rich history

    "Medic! Medic!" His words rang out, pleading ... trying to be heard over the rumble of the helicopter overhead. Through the smoke and dust, with utter chaos enveloping, he could see the person moving purposely among the fallen. A medic, a healer, but, nonetheless, a warrior. Today, the term "combat medic" is used generically to describe military
  • Outcomes: Series wrap-up connects Officer Development System dots

    For the past several months we have described each of the USAFA outcomes, but we have not spent much time discussing how they fit together to guide the Air Force Academy's Officer Development System. We all need to understand this relationship in order to fulfill our commitments as members of the Air Force Academy because, as General Creech, former
  • Motorcycle awareness decreases injury, saves lives

    With winter in the rear/side view mirror and summer fast approaching, May is typically the month motorcyclists start "getting their motors running." The warmer weather brings motorcyclists out in full force. Motorcycles of all shapes and types -- sport bikes, street bikes, cruisers, and even mopeds will be on the streets and Academy personnel are
  • A Knowledge Outcome: Principles of engineering, application of technology

    "The academic discipline of engineering (or, perhaps, more broadly, technology) should be included in the liberal arts canon undergirding a 21st-century undergraduate education for all students." -- The Millennium Project The 1950 Stearns-Eisenhower Report, a founding document for the formation of the Air Force Academy, considered it "essential
  • Chaplain lights path to emotional freedom

    Tears flowed from her aged eyes as she hesitantly asked if I was a rabbi. I responded "yes" and asked how she recognized me. She mentioned that she once briefly met me while I was stationed at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. "Perhaps," I said, "we should talk after we finish here." The "here" I was referring to was the Marian House