Summer safety tips promote enjoyment

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Good Friday morning! 

The home improvement projects are in full swing at the Cessna household. Now that the "rainy season" is over -- hopefully -- and the sun is warming the Front Range, summer activities are prevalent. Whether it is hiking, camping, or a simple picnic at one of the
many parks in the area, always remember these key safety tips. 

The Pikes Peak Region is the #2 region in the U.S. for lightning strikes. We can expect the potential for thunderstorms virtually every afternoon through the summer months. 

Although the weather is warming, cold temperatures are still prevalent at the higher elevations. Pack plenty of warm clothing and/or appropriate sleeping bags when venturing into the high country. Also, keep dry to help prevent hypothermia. 

Please don't feed the cadets -- I'm sorry, I meant the bears. Natural habitat for Colorado's wildlife becomes smaller and smaller each year. Humans and wildlife come into contact frequently. Plan for those encounters, put food stores out of reach at night, and avoid those potential life threatening situations. 

Enjoy your weekend and as always -- be safe!