Academy stays on the 'cutting edge'

Brig. Gen. Andrew Armacost

Brig. Gen. Andrew Armacost

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- I am proud to be a part of the Air Force Academy team as we collectively celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this incredible institution.

As I reflect on our six decades of existence and success in developing future leaders for our military and our nation, I am also extremely optimistic about the bright future ahead.

At the Air Force's Academy, we rank among the very best colleges and universities in America. We are the no. 1 undergraduate-only institutions for research funding. We are a top-25 liberal arts college. We are, time and again, ranked in the top five engineering and management programs.

The intellectual and social capital that is built during the USAFA experience is our competitive advantage.

Our cadets continue to be on the cutting edge of research and technology, working on myriad projects that directly impact the Air Force, our military and our daily way of life as Americans. Some examples of the intellectual prowess include trailblazing initiatives like the creation of a stroke-therapy system, coming up with potential solutions to end or greatly minimize the danger of birdstrikes on aircraft during takeoff and landing, improving the ability to track down cyber espionage, and so much more.

These examples showcase not only the quality and intelligence of our cadets but also the strength of our education. Built on a strong core curriculum, our rich academic courses of study -- resulting in a rigorous, accredited bachelor of science degree -- combined with practical hands-on projects and activities, equip our graduates to deal with the technological, organizational and personnel challenges they will face on active duty.

In addition, theoretical, abstract thinking stems from our humanities and science education. This coupled with applied problem-solving disciplines from our social sciences and engineering all make up the fundamental and practical foundation our education provides for the uncertain and ambiguous operational environments our graduates face.

Wrapped in a culture of commitment and climate of respect, our demanding core curriculum helps mold our cadets into capable leaders of character with a warrior ethos and expeditionary mindset who are culturally aware, motivated professionals dedicated to serve the nation and prepared to lead in the 21st century. Sixty years of producing lieutenants for the Air Force and leaders for the nation is only a beginning!

Academy Deans of the Faculty:

· Brig. Gen. Don Zimmerman, July 1954 - December 1955

· Brig. Gen. Robert McDermott, August 1956 - July 1968

· Brig. Gen. William Woodyard, August 1968 - July 1978

· Brig. Gen. William Orth, September 1978 - June 1983

· Brig. Gen. Ervin Rokke, July 1983 - November 1986

· Brig. Gen. Erlind Royer, April 1987 - July 1991

· Brig. Gen. Ruben Cubero, August 1991 - July 1998

· Brig. Gen. David Wagie, July 1998 - August 2004

· Brig. Gen. Dana Born, October 2004 - June 2013

· Brig. Gen. Andrew Armacost, June 2013 - present