Safety corner: Can you hear me now?

Lt. Col Rico Aragon. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Lt. Col. Rico Aragon (U.S. Air Force photo)


The warm weather brings more of us out on the road whether jogging, biking, or driving. Recently, we suffered a loss at another Air Force base due, in part, to a distracted driver hitting a pedestrian on base. Recent incidents show a need for a refresher for the regulation on using headphones and sharing the road. 


Listening to music isn’t illegal, but how you listen to that music might be. According to Air Force and Air Force Academy safety guidelines, it’s illegal to use headphones while operating vehicles, running, walking or biking on Academy roads. Colorado regulations make wearing headphones illegal while driving. When you use both sides of any headset, you close-off one of your vital senses. Hearing is as important as seeing. Your hearing just might be your only warning to dangers on the road.


According to Colorado law, drivers cannot pass bicyclists at any distance closer than three feet.  This doesn’t mean we get as close to the line as we can. We all have the right to use the road.  Slow down, pass when safe and share the road.


Whether riding a bike, jogging or driving, our priority should be our safety and the safety of anyone around us or on the road. 


Thank you for keeping the Academy safe!     


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