• For the love of flying

    Dr. Steven Brandt has been in love with airplanes since he was a small child.In first grade, his best friend collected model airplanes and Brandt's father, a World War II fighter pilot, constantly talked about flying.As an adult, Brandt combines both influences: He's a former fighter pilot who also leads the aeronautical design class at the Air
  • Technology aids Academy researchers, cadets

    While other undergraduates spend time on projects that will never leave the laboratory, Air Force Academy cadets perform research directly supporting the Air Force mission.Their tools range from 3-D printers and computer testing, to social simulators and hours of research and testing in the laboratories.In engineering mechanics, cadets work on
  • Academy International Programs open new worlds

    During their four years at the Academy, cadets are presented with many opportunities, whether it's a chance to jump out of an aircraft or apply for a Rhodes scholarship. Beginning their second year at the Academy, cadets have an opportunity to participate in a semester abroad at a foreign college, a semester exchange at a foreign service academy or
  • Boxing equips cadets with courage, resiliency to finish the fight

    When cadets step into the boxing ring here, they don't senselessly knock each other around; they hone their defense drills, their guard position and footwork, so when they think they can't go the distance, they find a way to survive and win.Lt. Col. Matthew Glover, interim head boxing coach here, said the skills cadets learn from boxing and
  • Former ambassador to Russia speaks at Academy Assembly

    Four workdays into President Barack Obama's first term in office, Michael McFaul had already found himself in a spot of trouble.Obama was about to place a phone call to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. McFaul, in his capacity as senior director for Russian and Eurasian affairs at the National Security Council, was in the Oval Office with Obama,
  • Academy cadet leads on, off the field

    Throughout the four years cadets spend at the Academy, the Center for Character and Leadership Development works to coordinate events, speakers and leadership opportunities to mold cadets into principled leaders. Despite that, it's ultimately the cadet's decision whether or not they commit to being a leader of character, and for Cadet 1st Class
  • President issues National African American History proclamation Month, 2015

    For generations, the story of American progress has been shaped by the inextinguishable beliefs that change is always possible and a brighter future lies ahead. With tremendous strength and abiding resolve, our ancestors -- some of whom were brought to this land in chains -- have woven their resilient dignity into the fabric of our Nation and
  • Prep school students up for challenge: Enrichment program prepares cadet candidates for USAFA academics

    Every spring, the best students at the Academy Preparatory School during the fall semester are selected to take advanced courses here to test their limits and give them an idea of what they'll face at the Academy.This year, through the Academic Enrichment Program, 20 Prep School cadet candidates are taking Calculus 141 at the Academy and six are
  • Bystander training co-developer speaks with Academy leaders

    Author's Note: This story contains discussion of sexual assault that may trigger traumatic memories in survivors of sexual assault.A co-developer of the Air Force's bystander intervention program to prevent sexual assault and former prosecutor for the Denver District Attorney spoke with senior leaders, instructors and air officers commanding during
  • Striving for perfection: four cadet candidates maintain 4.0 GPAs

    Approximately 200 cadet candidates enter the Academy Prep School every fall, spending the next 10 months honing their physical, military and academic skills for entry into the Academy. While not all cadet candidates become Academy cadets, it's what they are all working toward.This year, four cadet candidates achieved 4.0 GPAs for the second quarter